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The Southern Region circuit is dominated by the Tsavo East and West game parks which together form Kenya’s largest game park.

.Amboseli National Park offers a well managed game watching experience against the stunning backdrop of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Amboseli is arguably one of Kenya’s best places in which to view elephant

Tsavo, which straddles the Mombasa to Nairobi road and railway, covers an area of more than 30,000 square metres. Much of this is a wilderness that rarely sees visitors.

.Amboseli National Park.Amboseli National Park

Tsavo West alone accounts for some 30 per cent of Kenya’s total park area. It offers excellent upmarket accommodation, both camps and lodges, as well as some of the nation’s largest elephant herds.

There is a less plentiful supply of accommodation in the smaller Tsavo East.

Tsavo National ParkTsavo National Park


Being close to the Indian Ocean, Tsavo is an ideal one-day or two-day excursion that is popular with people on holiday at the coast who can fly in and out with ease. An added incentiveis the good choice of accommodation.

Much of the region is savannah, but rocky outcrops and ridges punctuate the landscape. Palms and even mountain vegetation can be found at Chyulu Hills.

With its commanding views over the open savannah, Chyulu is a great vantage point that also provides an opportunity to see lava flows and ash cones.

Chyulu Hills.Chyulu Hills.

Within the park, close to the Tanzanian border,is beautiful Lake Jipe, fed by the run-off from Mount Kilimanjaro.

In the north of the park lie the Mzima Springs, where water gushes from the Chyulu Hills into a series of crystal-clear pools.


Amboseli National Park

Chyulu Hills National Park

Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo West National Park

Mount KilimanjaroMount Kilimanjaro

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Southern Kenya Tourist Attractions

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