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Details about Chyulu Hill Game Reserve in Kenya

The Chyulu Hills are situated 190 km south-east of Nairobi and 30 km south-west of Kibwezi. They are of relatively recent volcanic origin and the range is composed of ash cones and craters.

The hills hold no permanent surface water but rainfall percolating through the porous rock feeds many permanent fresh water sources in the surrounding plains, notably Mzima springs and the Tsavo and Galana rivers.

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The hills are relatively undisturbed and shelter indigenous vegetation and wildlife. The park comprises the eastern flank of the hills including about half of the forest area.

The park boundary runs down the centre of the hills along the line of the peaks. The western half is part of the West Chyulu Game Conservation area, owned by several Maasai group ranches.

Contact details PO Box 458 Kibwezi

Contact person Senior Warden

Location of Chyulu Hills

Makueni District, Eastern Provinceand Kajiado District, Rift Valley Province

Distance from Nairobi 230 km

Size 870 square km

Park fees Go to or contact tour operator.

Climatic conditions The climate is hot and dry Major Attractions Breathtaking views from the Chyulu Hills, cave exploration,one camp site next to park headquarters; game viewing.Click here for more information about Kenya Wild animals

Wildlife in Chyulu Hills

Reptiles: black mamba, puff adder, rock python, geko, tortoise,lizard.

Insects/arthropods: dung Beetles,butterflies, tsetsefly.

Common Animals: buffalo, bushbuck,eland, elephant, leopard; forest bush pig, mountain reedbuck, steinbok, wild dogs

Access to Chyulu Hills

Roads: Along Nairobi-Mombasa highway, the park signpost is 1 km past the Kibwezi turn off. Park gate is 10 km off the highway. There is limited road network within the park and a 4x4 vehicle with high clearance is highly recommended.

Airstrips: There are two airstripsin the park

Accommodation in Chyulu Hills There is currently no accommodation in the park, but campsitesChyulu II, park headquarters,Kiboko campsite

Best time to visit Chyulu Hills All year round

Activities in Chyulu Hills Wildlife viewing, camping, cave exploration, nature walks, hiking

Chyulu Hills National Park and Its Safari Attractions

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