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Do you want free guide to Bisanadi national reserve in Kenya? Are you planning to travel to Bisanadi?

Don’t go without reading the details about this reserve in Kenya on this page.Bisanadi National Reserve acts as a wildlife dispersal area for Meru National Park.

It is a part of the Meru, Kora, Mwingi and Bisanadi conservation area, adjacent to northeast boundary of Meru, Isiolo district, covering an area of 606 square km.

The vegetation is mainly thorn bushland and thicket with combretum prevailing in the north and commiphora in the south. To the west the combretum merges into terminalia wooded grasslands.

The Lions of Bisanadi National ReserveThe Lions of Bisanadi National Reserve

The red-flowered parasitic loranthus grows on the branches of acacia reficiens along the rivers. Dense riverine forests of doum palm hyphaene spp. and raffia palm raphia spp.occur along the water courses.

Some riverine swamps have sedges cyperus sp., and grasses echinochloa haplacelada and pennisetum mezianum.

On the plains sehima nervosa, chloris roxburghiana and other species of pennisetum are the dominant grasses.

Contact details 

PO Box 11, MauaTel: +254 (0)164 20613 Cell: +254 (0)733 662439

Contact person 

Senior Warden/ Tourism Officer

The Big Tusks of BisanadiThe Big Tusks of Bisanadi

Location of Bisanadi National Reserve 

Adjacent to north-east boundary of Meru, Isiolo district.

Distance from Nairobi

348 km

Size 606 square km

Park fees

 Go to or contact tour operator.

Climatic conditions 

The climate is hot and dry.

The Elephants Wildlife in Bisanadi National Reserve

Major Attraction of Bisanadi National Reserve 

Wilderness habitat, game viewing, Adamson’s Falls, fishing and boating on River Tana and Rojewero River.

Wildlife in Bisanadi National Reserve

Many species of mammals includinglion, elephant, cheetah,rhino, buffalo, hippos and over 400 species of birds.

Wildlife in Bisanadi National ReserveWildlife in Bisanadi National Reserve

Access of Bisanadi National Reserve 

Roads: The reserve is readily accessible via Meru National Park, Murera Gate.

Accommodation in Bisanadi National Reserve

 There is currently no accommodation in the reserve. Visitors can stay in the adjacent Meru National Park where there are various accommodation options.

Best time to visit Bisanadi National Reserve All year round.

Activities Game viewing, fishing in River Tana, bird watching.

Hippos in Bisanadi National ReserveHippos in Bisanadi National Reserve

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Bisanadi National Reserve

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