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Nairobi City has the best Night Clubs in East Africa.

There are many Night Entertainment Places to enjoy your evening while on your vacation in Nairobi city.

Though, there are many Nairobi City Entertainment places, on this page we will give you the "must not miss night clubs" in Nairobi Kenya .

Carnivore Langata Rd near Wilson Airport; tel: 020 501706.

The Carnivore has gained international notoriety for its barbecued game meats and is a popular venue with localsand often (bizarrely) a finale to a wildlife safari — see the wildlife and then eat it.

Efficiently run, with excellent service, the restaurant is in a series of terraces, with tropical plants where smiling waiters come round with hunks of roast meat, cutting off slithers of ostrich, zebra, gazelle and crocodile.

There is also a popular hot-spot disco at else Simba Saloon with rock night on Wednesday and Sunday soul evenings. Open daily Jo, lunch and dinner

Ngong Hills Hotel, Ngong Rd. next to Ngong hypermarket.This has a friendly atmosphere and good grilled meat. It normally features live bands on Wed and Fri—Sun.

The Motherland on Ngong Rd between Adam’s Arcade and Ngong hypermarket.

This is an Ethiopian restaurant with authentic cuisine, at reasonable prices, and they have genuine Ethiopian live entertainment.

Klub House Westlands — on Parklands Rd near the sport club.

This comprises a good music and disco venue with a large aquarium in the main disco ha]], together with pool tables and a 24-hour TV screen sports channel. Outdoors is Joe’s Burger Bar which has cheap snacks and a bar, where you can congregate around a bonfire in the evenings.

Plums Hotel Westlands, next to the Kitab House.

This has good nyama choma, and often has live bands playing, including some of the top names in African music.

Florida 2000 and New Florida nightclubs Central Nairobi.

Long established, the Florida nightclubs have good discos and live bands, and Chinese food is served all night. It’s a renowned pick-up joint with plenty of twilight ladies and gents — make sure you do slot leave drinks unattended.

Black Cotton Club Langata Rd Karen.

This is a nightclub with a large disco which attracts the settler community who live out of town. It’s open on Fridays only, and not every Friday, so check locally for details. Entry free before 22.00, thereafter KSh2SO.

The Simmers Pub City centre opposite the 680 Hotel on Muindi Mbingu St

This is an excellent venue for live bands and one of the few in the city centre. It’s very loud, but there’s a lively bar and good food. Be sure to take a taxi after dark.

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