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There are many types of Kenya antelopes and on this this site we will bring you all the types in Kenya.

List of Antelope Types in Kenya

Kenya Impala

Kenya Wildebeest

Kirks Dik dik

Kenya antelopes

Grants Gazelle Antelope

Kenya Cokes Hartebeest

Kenya Common and Grevys Zebras

Kenya Animal Defassa Waterbuck

Kenya Animal Eland, Taurotragus oryx

The Kenya Gerenuk

The Kenya Gerenuk, Litocranius walleri, is a very distinctive gazelle, especially when feeding. The Kenya Gerenuk


Kenya Giraffe

Kenya Giraffe - The world's tallest land animal, the Giraffe, Giraffa camelopardalis, is highly distinctive. Learn More


Kenya Greater Kudu

The male Kenya Greater Kudu, Tragelaphus strepsiceros, is an impressive animal with its long spiral horns and distinctive markings. Learn More


Kenya Klipspringer antelope

The Kenya Klipspringer, Oreotragus oreotragus, is a shy, often difficult to spot animal. They inhabit rocky terrain with bush cover and during the day one of a pair may be seen standing motionless on watch on a rocky outcropping Learn More


Kenya Lesser Kudu

The Kenya Lesser Kudu, Tragelaphus imberbis, as its name suggests, is smaller than the Greater Kudu. Males reach a maximum weight of 108kg (Greater Kudu males can weigh up to 315kg) with females Learn More


Kenya Reedbuck

Kenya Reedbuck, Redunca redunca, is a grass-eater with very good sight, hearing and sense of smell. Learn More


Kenya Oryx , Oryx gazella

The Kenya Oryx , Oryx gazella is dry country animal which is at home in desert environments. They have acute hearing and can detect men on horse-back/camel-back and also cars, light aircraft etc at distances of over 1kmLearn More .


The Kenya Topi Antelope

The Kenya Topi Antelope Damaliscus lunatus, is a distinctively marked animal which resembles a Hartebeest and indeed one subspecies of Damaliscus lunatus is known as Hunter's Hartebeest (other members of the species are known as the Sassaby, Korrigum, Tiang and Hirola). Learn More


Thomsons gazelle

Thomsons gazelle, Gazella thomsoni, is the smallest of Kenya's gazelles and is the favoured prey of the Cheetah. It forms herds with a single male holding a harem of between 5-65 females and young. Learn More

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