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The Kenya Lesser Kudu, Tragelaphus imberbis, as its name suggests, is smaller than the Greater Kudu. Males reach a maximum weight of 108kg (Greater Kudu males can weigh up to 315kg) with females weighing up to 70kg (215kg for the Greater Kudu).

Kenya Lesser Kudu have between 11-15 vertical white stripes on their bodies and large white patches on their necks and chests. They live in bushland with Acacia and Commiphora thickets.

They are browsers and eat a wide variety of plant material including the fleshy leaves of succulent plants and the leaves, shoots, buds, flowers and pods of various Acacias.

They also eat fruit. Grass is only included in their diet when it is very young and green. They are very shy and very, very alert and this makes them difficult to spot. They tend to be found in small groups and close relatives may remain together for a number of years.

Kenya Lesser Kudu Antelopes

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