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Thomsons gazelle, Gazella thomsoni, is the smallest of Kenya's gazelles and is the favoured prey of the Cheetah. It forms herds with a single male holding a harem of between 5-65 females and young.

Younger males group together in bachelor herd which can contain hundreds of individuals. In the dry season the herds move around and merge into groupings which can number into the thousands.

Thomson's gazelle are often found mixed with Grant's Gazelle, Wildebeests and Zebras. When they sense danger they stamp, wave their tails and bounce in the air.

We have also observed a large herd following a Cheetah to ensure it was well out of their way.

This looked rather strange (a bit like a game of "chicken" in a school playground) with a front line of gazelles walking towards the Cheetah and then dashing back when it turned to look

Thomson’s Gazelle

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