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The Kenya Oryx , Oryx gazella is dry country animal which is at home in desert environments. They have acute hearing and can detect men on horse-back/camel-back and also cars, light aircraft etc at distances of over 1km.

Kenya Oryx scatter and hide almost immediately. They generally occur in small groups although in desert regions they can form into large herds. If attacked they will defend themselves using their horns to skewer their attacker.

They have a wide diet which includes grass, leaves, shoots, fruit, tubers and even onions. They are adept at finding water and will dig for it in dry river beds.

If water is available then Kenya Oryx drink daily, however they can make do without getting their water from their food (including things such as wild melon).

It is believed by some people that the Oryx may have given rise to the myth of the unicorn since from the side it sometimes appears as though it only has 1 very long spiral horn

Oryx Antelope in Kenya

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