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Do you need information about Travel To Malindi in Kenya? Moving on from and to Malindi is easy. On this site, we are happy to be your personal guide when you plan to visit Malindi town in Kenya

The old city center is surrounded by tarmacked roads. There are tarmacked roads to Mombasa, to Lamu, and to the large hotel-stated south of Malindi. Driving your own car or a hired car in Malindi is very safe and easy; the main problem is avoiding bicycles and pedestrians. If you rent a Car, is recommended to rent a 4-wheel drive, do not drive at night and keep in mind that driving is on the left.

Walk is a good idea if distances between places are not much longer

It’s common to find Bicycle taxis, which are cheap, but not much safe. Tut Tuts imported from India are another common form of transport. You can order one by telephone from your hotel.

Nairobi is 500 kilometers by road, along tarmac that varies from excellent to poor.

In Mombasa, the stage to Malindi is located on Abdel Nassy Road, which turns into Digo Road as you move south. Matatus fill and leave to Malindi every 15 minutes or so. There are plenty of taxis around; a taxi from Mombasa will take you to the North Coast beaches for an agreed fare. Malindi is 120 kilometers from Mombasa along a tarmac highway.

Travel to Malindi - Airport

Some visitors fly directly, Malindi town has its own small airport located at the western border of the town. The airport serves daily scheduled flights to Mombasa, Nairobi and Lamu. The airport also has Private Charters. Currently Kenya Airways, East African and Air Kenya has flights to Malindi. A taxi from the airport to your accommodation is readily available; it can also be arranged in advance.

Travel to Malindi - Buses and Matatus

There is one Bus Park in Malindi opened in 1999, the park is located directly beside the Mombasa Road, the park accommodates buses and the local variation of shared minibuses, called Matatus, which are actually much cheaper but are usually overcrowded. There are frequent connections to Watamu and Mombasa along the North Coast. Services are less regular north of Malindi.

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How to Travel to Malindi in Kenya

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