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This is your personal Malindi Travel Guide Transcript that will help you to know more about Malindi town in Kenya and all the tourist attraction in Malindi beach town.

Malindi, located on the East Coast of Kenya, is a popular tourist town with scenic beauty, clean white beaches and a lot of history.

The landscape in Malindi is predominantly plain, the climate is generally hot and humid throughout the year.

The daily temperature is around 22º Celsius minimum and 30, 5º Celsius maximum. There are short rains from October to November and long rains from April to July.

The vegetation extent from mangroves and swamps to tropical monsoon forest, lowland dry forests in Arabuko-Sokoke Forest to Savannah and bush land in the backwoods.

Kenya has abundance of protected coral reefs and beaches, the white sandy beach to the south of Malindi town is called Silversands.

Sport fishing in another attraction, Malindi is where Ernest Hemingway came in the 1930s in search of marlin, sailfish and Wahoo. There are excellent and relatively inexpensive facilities for fishing.

There are an international bill fish contest during January and an annual sea festival with fishing competitions between October and November.

The renowned Malindi Marine National Park is a protected coastal area south of Malindi. Malindi Marine National Park has fine white-sandy beaches, emerald water and colorful fish (All fishing within the Park is forbidden).

You can see Technicolor fish of impossible shapes and various sizes such as flute mouths, halfbeaks, hawk fishes, lizardfishs, parrot-fish, porcupine fish, puffers, thorn heads, trigger fishes, zebra fishes and hundreds of others. There are also fascinating coral reefs that allow for diving and snorkeling opportunities.

On the northwest of Malindi, near Marafa Depression exists an eroded wasteland of sandstone cliffs and precipices, locally known as Nyari or Hell's Kitchen, exists also a small Arabian town called Mambrui, and beyond that a small village and harbor called Ngomeni.

The entire coastline from Mambrui to Lamu has minimal development, in terms of tourism, although wonderful beaches, coves and seascapes exist in plenty.

The nearby Watamu ("sweet people" in Swahili) resort and the lost town of Gede (abandoned for no known reason in the 16th century), are located south of Malindi.

The Arabuko Sokoke National Park hide a world of wonders such as rare endemic birds and mammals, you'll see impressive herds of Elephant.

The Malindi Museum is housed in the former home of an Indian trader, built in 1891. Exhibit includes early photographs of Mombasa, wooden grave posts of the Gohu people, information about Vasco Da Gama among other interesting information.

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