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There are many Sports in Malindi City that you may like to know before you visit Malindi beaches in Kenya - on this site we will guide you to all the information you may need to know about the sports that you may engage in when you visit Malindi town in Kenya.

More about all Beach Sports in Malindi Kenya

The white sandy beaches surrounded by expanses of tropical forests of the coastal resort town of Malindi, offer a full range of water sports including snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing, sailing, waterskiing, among others. The waters off of Malindi have some of the best fishing in the region; one of the most popular sports is deep sea fishing.

There are other sports to play in the area as well, including soccer, cricket, horse-riding, camel-riding, golf and tennis.

Sports in Malindi City - Surfing

Malindi has some of the best waves on the Kenyan Coast for surfing. From June to September, the seasonal monsoons bring some excellent breakers and largest waves. However, surfboard hire and wax is not so easy to find, so Surfers should bring their own equipment.

Sports in Malindi City - Scuba Diving

The coral reef on the North Coast is a paradise to explore. Diving out of Malindi is an unforgettable experience. Diving is generally good all year round, although visibility lessens from July to August. The dive sites range from shallow coral gardens to spectacular outer reef walls.

When in season, generally from February to March, there are sightings of Whale Sharks and manta rays, in Kiswahili, whale Sharks are called "papa shillingi" which means: shark covered in shillings.

There are several dive sites in Malindi, usually diving takes place in the nearby Marine National Parks and Reserves where Sea life is abundant, you can see barracuda schools, scorpion fish, eels, stingrays, turtles, and many other colorful fish.

The Moray Reef is a great site for octopus and eel, the Canyon is another excellent dive site, it is a good place to see the occasional reef shark.

There are many dive operators in Malindi. Courses and diving excursions with qualified PADI instructors and international SCUBA certification are available. Equipment, boats, guides, is all provided.

Sports in Malindi City - Snorkeling

Malindi is known as the best place in Kenya for snorkeling. Viewed with a flippers, mask, and snorkel, the beautiful of the coral gardens and fish is simply stunning, especially at the Watamu Marine National Park, where you can find many shallow and easily-reached corals.

There are trips organized daily, depending of the tides. Visitors of all ages can enjoy snorkeling around the coral reef, it is almost impossible to snorkel without seeing some marine species inside the reef.

Sports in Malindi City - Fishing

Malindi is internationally renowned for its deep sea fishing, famous since Ernest Hemingway came here in 1934.

The main game fish include Barracuda, hammerhead sharks, Horse Mackerel, Kingfish, Marlin, Wahoo, tuna and others; there is a fishing festival in October.

There are many highly skilled local operators in Malindi; Hemingway's Hotel located in Watamu nearby to Malindi is fishing resort with excellent reputation and Driftwood Beach Club offer excellent opportunities for deep sea fishing.

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