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Do you need information about Malindi City? Visiting Malindi will make your vacation in Kenya a long lasting memory and on this site we will give you the best guide you will ever need to know about Malindi beaches in Kenya.

Malindi is the second major city on the coast; it is located on Malindi Bay about 120 kilometers northeast of Mombasa, at the centre of perfect tropical beaches on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. The people in Malindi have a friendliness and welcoming attitude.

Malindi can be reached by driving on the Mombasa-Malindi highway. Malindi hosts also the Malindi Airport and the Broglio Space Port.

The tourist sector is the most important industry in Malindi; the town is very popular especially among Italian tourists.

The tourist attractions are mainly relate to tropical water and beaches and the marine national parks. Malindi offers to visitors modern resorts, restaurants, cafes, a post office, nightclubs, a casino, markets, hotels (mostly Italian owned), fascinating ancient mosques, and quiet relaxing hideaways.

Malindi with its 155 kilometers of coastline is a very nice, cheap and relaxing place to be. You can visit the mangroves by boat, walk through the forest, or dive on the reef.

Malindi is one of the finest surfing (especially between July and August),scuba diving and snorkeling destinations in Africa, this is one of the few places where it is possible to snorkel in water and experience the kind of fish life usually reserved for scuba drivers.

You can also enjoy other water sports or simply for relaxing on the beach. The beaches are an extensive paradise of sand and sun.

In Malindi, you will see the old town where the old houses have been lived in for hundred of years. The Church of St. Francis Xavier, one of the oldest churches in East Africa, is still in use.

Malindi is also an historic Swahili town dating back to the 12th Century, this part of the town has several attractions: the Juma Mosque, which has a bloody past, it was misused as a haven for slave trades until mid 1870's, and two pillar tombs from the 14th Century.

Malindi Beaches

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