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Rhino Charge Festival trip encompasses the best that Kenya has to offer and showcases her diverse beauty and wonderful people and landscapes!

Come and witness a Rhino Charge Festival in Kenya. This unique off-road car rally is held every year to raise money for the construction of a perimeter fence around the Aberdare National Park.

The Rhino Charge is an annual Kenyan off-road event in which competitors, in the most amazing off-road vehicles, are required to visit 13 points scattered over approximately 100 square kms of rough and challenging terrain within a 10 hour period.

Rhino Charge Festival competitor stack

The actual location of the event is a closely guarded secret, with people only finding out days prior to the event! This protects the terrain and prevents people from practising on it.

The Aberdares National Park is a sanctuary for the endangered Black Rhino and an important water catchment area providing water to the Tana and Athi rivers, Kenya’s main rivers.

the kenya rhinocerous

Competitors are supplied with a 1:50,000 scale map of the venue, co-ordinates of the 13 Control Points and their Start position.

During the rally, teams have to make the decision between taking a safer, wider route or taking a riskier more direct route.

The teams must then plot the control points on the map and decide their route.

Navigation is by compass or GPS and the winner is the competitor who visits all controls in the shortest distance, GPS measured.

The Rhino Charge Festival is a truly unique event, both sporting and social. Hundreds of spectators head into the bush to watch the event, setting up campsites and starting off early to get to the Gauntlet (a combination of 2 or 3 checkpoints that invariably involve river crossings and other difficult obstacles).

Our Safari Itinerary

Off road vehicles in Rhino Charge Festival

This is also the reason why this  itinerary is the ‘ideal’ version but changes to it may be required depending on the location of the Charge! The only thing we can guarantee is that the location will be remote and surrounded by challenging driving terrain!

 Due to the nature of the events location we set up an Adventure Alternative Village in the middle of somewhere! We transport you and everything we need in our fully converted overland trucks including catering tents, showers / toilets, social tents, sleeping tents, food, water and in this case even the kitchen sink!

 Besides the actual driving event and the amazing vehicles it’s also the Kenyan social event of the year! Anyone who is anyone attends The Charge which also offers a host of live music, discos and plenty of social interaction! Details of the Rhino Charge and its history can be found here 

exploring the Nakuru National Park

After the two day event we then make our way to Nakuru, which is a central location in Kenya so should be accessible from the Rhino Charge location! 

Nakuru is a lovely town in the famous Great Rift Valley. We will relax in the evening in our comfortable base before exploring the Nakuru National Park the following day. 

From Nakuru we drive along the Rift Valley to the town of Naivasha where we stay at a wonderful resort on the shores of the famous Lake Naivasha. 

This will be our base for a couple of nights. You can relax by the pool, watch the hippo’s along the shore or the fish eagles hunt. 

We will also take you boating on the lake and cycling through another one of Kenya’s famous parks – Hell’s Gate – don’t worry there’s no man eaters here! Cycling through the Park to the famous Gorge, alongside the gazelle, giraffe and zebras is the most wondrous of experiences!

Hell’s Gate national park gorge

After Naivasha we depart for the most famous of Kenyan parks, the Masai Mara! With its iconic landscape of endless seas of golden grass dotted with picturesque acacia trees the Masai Mara fulfils the dreams of any visitor searching for an amazing safari experience. 

The Maasai Mara is a haven for viewing all sorts of animals within a five mile radius. A pride of lions can be spotted ready to make a run for a wildebeest, a cheetah and its cub taking a nap on a rock, a pair of ostriches walking the open stretches of the savannah or a wildebeest giving birth. 

This natural wonderland is home to cheetah, leopard, large prides of lions, elephants, giraffe, hyena, huge Nile crocodiles, frolicking hippos and many other species. We spend three days / two nights in the Mara in a lovely fixed tented camp going on game drives each day.

Masai Mara national game reserve

Following our time in the Masai Mara we return to Nairobi and stay in one of the cities hotels. The following day we’ll visit some of Nairobi’s sights including the famous Sheldricks elephant orphanage and the Giraffe sanctuary where you can get up close and personal with these stunning animals. In the evening we will go for a farewell meal before a flight home the following day.

This adventure around Kenya simply offers the best that Kenya has. It’s a mixture of activities and relaxation in stunning environments, with an amazing team to look after you and promises to be fascinating and a lot of fun! You’ll be amazed at the sights, sounds and vibrancy of this fascinating country and her people and wildlife.

animals orphanage in nairobi kenya

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