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Before you visit Kisumu Impala Sanctuary we are privileged to give you details and what you expect to find at Kisumu Sanctuary in Kenya.

When the East African Railway reached Kisumu early in the last century, the area must have been teeming with plains game.

Over the passage of time hunting for food, ecosystem loss through human settlement and agriculture all reduced numbers vastly.

By the early 1980s, what could be seen was a pitifully small herd of Impala that roamed the town and neighbouring areas.

The Sanctuary, a 0.4 square km of marsh, grassland and forest was created to provide a home for this herd of Impala.

Kisumu Impala SanctuaryThe Impala of Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

It then developed into a holding point for captured problem animals. today, it provides grazing for hippos and habitat for numerous small mammals, and a variety of reptiles and birds.

It also hosts two leopards, one spotted hyena, two olive baboons and several vervet monkeys held in captivity.

Sightings of the reclusive and acutely threatened sitatunga have also been made.

one spotted hyena in kisumu impala sanctuaryone spotted hyena in kisumu impala sanctuary

Contact details

PO Box 1193, Kisumu Tel: +254 (0)57 21105, 44824 Email:

Contact person 

Senior Warden

Location of Impala Sanctuary

 Kisumu District, Nyanza Province

Distance from Nairobi to Impala Sanctuary 

355 km

SizeLess than 1 square km

Park fees 

go to or contact tour operator.

Climatic conditions Hot and humid

Major Attraction Impala, caged leopards, baboon


Wildlife: impala, leopard, hyena,jackal, ostrich and vervet monkey, Birds: over 115 species have been recorded

The Impala feeding on the shores of lake victoriaThe Impala feeding on the shores of lake victoria

Access to Impala Sanctuary

Roads: Kisumu is located 355 km north of Nairobi, the sanctuary is 3 km from Kisumu near Hippo Point.

Air: The flight from Nairobitakes around one hour and there are regular flights

Water: Kisumu is linked by ferry with Kendu Bay, Homa Bay and Mbita

Accommodation at Impala Sanctuary

There is currently no accommodation in the reserve. Visitors can stay in Kisumu where there are various accommodation options.

Best time to visit All year round

Activities Camping, walking, bird watching. 

The Impala Running from the CameraThe Impala Running from the Camera

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