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Many people are misinformed about Traditional Kenya gestures, This page has some information and interpretation about Kenya Cultural gestures you shouldn't miss to know.

• Kenyans don’t usually point with a finger but might jut their chin or point their lips at something to indicate the direction.

• If you are greeting someone whose hands are not clean they might politely choose to grasp your arm at elbow level rather than your hand. This is out of courtesy to you, and you should do the same for others.

Traditional Kenya gesturesTraditional Kenya gestures

• Money is always accepted by extending the right hand out in a cupped way with the left hand resting just above it on the right arm. This signifies the absence of any slight of hand in a money exchange.

• If you enter a Kenyan’s home, you should accept refreshment (tea) if you are offered it to show that you accept their hospitality.

• To beckon someone, or to get their attention, make a tssk sound very loudly and as many times as it takes to alert them. While this is rude in many cultures, in it is very commonplace and acceptable, even largely among Westernized Kenyans in Nairobi .

You will quickly discover how effective it is in cutting through even the loudest of dins. Hold your hand up in the air and make a one-handed clapping motion once you have their attention.

• The middle finger is still an insult, just like in the .

• To indicate that a bus, van, or restaurant is full, a Kenyan will hold their left fist closed, and smack the thumb-side of the fist with their open palm of the Hand

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Traditional and Cultural Kenya Gestures

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