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Are you looking for information about Tanzania Cultural Business Meetings and how to conduct a business gathering in Tanzanian Style? This page will guide you.

• It’s best to show up on time for a meeting even though you may end up waiting.

• Most Tanzanians are aware that foreigners keep time well and make an effort to do so as well; however, do not be surprised or insulted if they are late.

• Higher ups are usually greeted first, then other men and lastly women. This may change if you are meeting in a more urban setting where western society is more influential.

• Small talk and greetings are an important aspect of Tanzanian society and you should start every meeting by greeting. This may take up to several minutes. Appropriate topics include family, children, home, work, etc.

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• Do not be surprised by very formal opening and closing speeches, occasionally by a high-level government official. Speeches are common and, depending on the religion of the attendees and the region you are visiting, a prayer is also not uncommon.

• The person who is hosting the meeting should usually open and close the meeting.

Tanzania business Negotiations

• When it comes to prices you should always negotiate. Bargaining is acceptable and sometimes even necessary.

• Bargaining is expected at any street or market purchase and often in small stores. You should be friendly and polite and remember that the seller probably makes much less money than you do. However, the price will be raised substantially if you are clearly a foreigner.

It is best to ask the price and then suggest a price that often is less than half of what was requested.

• When negotiating at the market or street, it's best to be firm and be willing to walk away – you might be followed and offered a better price. Enjoy the bargaining process, the fun is in the conversation.

Tanzania Cultural Business Meetings and Negotiations

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