Taita and Chyulu Hills

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The Chyulu Hills region is the perfect 'hideaway' for people who want to escape mass tourism, in search of a smaller, more exclusive destination.

The Chyulu Hills are an unspoilt part of Africa where Masai shepherds have been living on the open plains with their cattle for many centuries.

The National Park covers the east side of the hills, which includes half of the wooded area, and the west side forms part of the West Chyulu Game Reserve, which is owned by the Masai.

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Chyulu Hills

Framing the vast plains of Tsavo, and lying within view of majestic Mt Kilimanjaro, are the Taita and Chyulu Hills.

The Chyulu hills are considered to be some of the youngest volcanic mountains in the world, born out of the earth only 500 years ago.

The beautiful hills are bordered by an expanse of black lava flow known as Sheitani, the source of many local legends.

This is a paradise of elephant herds, plains game, cheetah, remote Maasai villages and wonderful views of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Close to Tsavo East, the nearby Taita Hills are home to a private game sanctuary, with a wide variety of game including Lion, cheetah, elephant and plains game.

Prolific bird life includes the extremely rare Taita Falcon, a bird recorded in early Egyptian hieroglyphics.The Taita are in fact three groups of hills, the Dabida, Sagalla and Kasigau.

In nearby Taveta, there are two beautiful lakes Jipe and Chala, fed by streams from the snows of Kilimanjaro. Chala is particularly stunning, and its deep blue waters lie beneath a perfect view of Kilimanjaro.

This region is more remote than the more visited parks and reserves of southern Kenya, the perfect destination looking for anyone looking for an opportunity to get away from it all and relax in the wild.....

Chyulu Hills

Taita and Chyulu Hills

The centrally located Chyulu Hills lie in between Tsavo and Amboseli, and are only 500 years old. This unspoilt mountain range is both charming and bare, with wooded mountainsides that are surrounded by craters, plains and lava plateaus.

The most interesting crater - which is the subject of many local legends - is called 'Shetani', which is Swahili for 'devil'. The porous rock here absorbs the rainwater and carries it underground to the Mzima Springs, which is the most important water supply in the area.

The hills have many different vegetation zones. The regrowth of vegetation on the fertile volcanic soil is actually still in process and the many shades of green are quite impressive. The vegetation in the lower areas consists of grasses and shrubs.

The Chyulu Hills also offer fantastic views over the plains of Amboseli and Tsavo, which can be visited as a day excursion. The hills are easily explorable by 4x4 or on foot; you could even opt to take an incredible horseback journey.

Aside from these options, archaeological and geographical safaris are also possible. Another unforgettable experience here is being able to learn about the Masai's traditions during a visit to one of their remote villages.

Taita Hills

Taita Hills is via Taveta

The Taita Hills lie close to Tsavo East. Taita Hills is the collective name for three mountain ridges that are home to a privately-owned game reserve and a wealth of game.

Among the huge number of bird species are the very rare Taita Falcon - a bird that was recorded in early Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The stunning Lake Chala is located in nearby Taveta and is nourished by rainfall that travels down from Mount Kilimanjaro.

Getting There Getting Around

Road access to Taita Hills is via Taveta, easily accessible from Tsavo or Mombasa.

Beyond Taveta, the town of Oloitokitok is the point of access for the Chyulus. 

You’ll need your own transport, or to be part of a safari, to reach this region.

Accessing the Taita or Chyulu Hills is difficult without private transport. Most visitors come here as part of a Safari package from Nairobi or in a Hire Car.

Taita has well established internal roads and tracks.

Communities of Taveta area

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Taita and Chyulu Hills

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