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Ngorongoro Farm House is such an incredibly beautiful property.

We stayed here for 1 night before heading into the Ngorogoro Crater and my only regret is not staying longer.

The Farm House has a large garden which they use to supply their kitchen - which means all the vegetables you eat are grown on the premises and delicious!

It's also a working coffee plantation, and I would highly recommend the farm tour with Paolo -

it's worth more than the $5 they charge.

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The rooms are spacious if sparse, and our mosquito net was impeccable which wasn't the case for every place we stayed.

If it weren't so far away I would come here every year, it was simply extraordinary

Certainly, there's no more beautiful surrounding that one can imagine than Ngorongoro Farmhouse's.

And the staff matches, generally -- except at the famous restaurant, where every plate was cleared the moment we averted our eyes, regardless of how much we'd eaten off of the plate.

Our room was gigantic, and had an amazing view from its verandah. The dogs that populate the place were friendly.

But, at the end of the day, the Ngorongoro Farmhouse was a beautiful hotel in a beautiful setting.

Instead, spend your time (and money!) at a safari camp, having incredible, amazing experiences in an incredible, amazing setting!

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