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I stayed Ngulia Safari lodge in Tsavo West national park for a night during a safari

The view is stunning from the garden, where you can also see hyrax and we were lucky to meet a passing baboon group as well.

2 leopards came for the meat-we took great photos.

Geoffrey, who is a member of staff, spotted the leopard well before us which added some extra to the experience.

He also talked about the wildlife. A hyena was also attending at the feast but could not get any from the meat.

There also other type of animals fed in the evenings (the one with long black and white spikes)

The waterhole attracted elephants, buffalo and gazelles in the afternoon-great photos again.

I think it is very important to choose the right lodge in Tsavo West as it is very difficult to spot animals in this national park because of the bushes-so this lodge was the right choice made by the safari company Wildlife Sun Safaris.

(Despite the bushes Tsavo West is beautiful.)

The room interior is not the newest, specially the bathroom but clean and has a balcony.

The food was ok for me. Ugali and a special root were available in the buffet-they were interesting to try, although not my favourites.

This was the only place during my one week visit to Kenya where I had the opportunity to try real Kenyan food.

The lodge is organising night safaris-I think it cost around 70 USD. We did not go tough.
There is big number of staff in this hotel apparently this is a place for training. Everyone was very nice and helpful.

They change money if you need it, but the exchange rates are not too good.
There is a cocktail bar but the prices are quite high so we did not try it.

The seating area in the resturant overlooks the watering hole and while you eat your meal you can watch all the wildlife coming and going, fantastic!

At night they put meat out and a leopard came to eat it was the best view ever!! Elephants, buffalo, hyena also came it was amazing.

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