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Traditional Tanzania Cultural Taboos are much respected for the better growth of their children. This site is happy to show some of the best taboos from Tanzania in Africa.

• In many rural areas and in Zanzibar it is usually unacceptable for women to walk around in shorts, or tank tops, and in some cases pants.

Women are expected to dress in a modest way; skirts below the knees and shirts with sleeves. In urban areas guidelines are more flexible and women are seen wearing long pants.

• For men it is inappropriate to wear short pants.

• Tanzanians do not use their left hand when eating, or touching another person. Never eat with your left hand, hand something to another person with your left hand, or handshake with your left hand.

Also, do not touch anything with your left hand, such as produce at the market. Some people may not be as strict about this but most are.

• It is considered rude to let the bottom of one’s foot or shoe point at someone. Feet should also not be propped up on chairs or tables.

• Boys don't usually braid their hair. If you have braids and you are a man, it usually implies that you are gay, which is a major taboo in Tanzanian culture.

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