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The Striped Hyena, Hyaena hyaena, is a nocturnal and somewhat shy animal. It is active after sundown until around midnight when it rests.It is then active again just before dawn. It is smaller than the Spotted Hyena and less social but it does have a trick it plays to make itself look bigger.

It is able to erect its long mane when threatened and this makes it look much bigger! It is normally solitary when out searching for food but associates in small family groups around the den.

It is mostly a carrion eater and is attracted to the carcasses of large mammals such as zebra or wildebeest. It supplements its diet with fruit and insects but will also kill small mammals and birds.

Interestingly it is not in conflict with man and in some areas garbage is deliberately left outside compounds for the Striped Hyenas to dispose of.

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