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Do you know how to make Kenyan Irio Vegetarian Recipe? On this page learn about 4 type of Kenya Irio Dishes and how to make them.

How to Make Kenyan Irio Vegetarian Recipe


•5 pounds of potatoes

•1 pound of green peas

•1/2 pound of corn

•1 Onion

•vegetable oil



1.Fry the finely chopped Onion in a little vegetable oil to a light golden color in a pot.

2.Add the peeled potatoes to the pot.

3.Add the Peas and corn.

4.Add water and leave all to boil until potatoes Peas and corn are completely cooked.

5.At this point you may add salt (to your taste), and some spices (for Kenyans, Mchuzi Mix is the best). Let boil for 2 to 5 minutes.

6.Mash until all potatoes are nicely mashed.

How to make Kenyan Irio III


•2 kg. potatoes (about 4 - 4 ½ lbs.)

•2 tbsp cooking fat

•1 kg. green peas (2.2 lbs.)

•2 cobs tender green maize

•One chopped Onion

•salt to taste


1.Prepare potatoes and Peas and remove the maize from the cobs.

2.Cook on a high heat with just enough water to cover until the vegetables are tender.

3.Mash the Peas and the potatoes to a smooth consistency, adding a little fluid if desired. Fry the onions until brown; add to the other vegetables and fry together on a low heat.

4.Serve when hot.

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