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Learn about all the Types of Kenya Small Mammals and know the list of Wild Animals in Kenya.

Eastern Dwaf Mangoose

The Eastern Dwarf Mongoose, Helogale undulata, is a social animal travelling in family groups with around a dozen members. They are most active in the middle of the day when they go out hunting together. They feed mainly on insects but they also take snails, lizards, snakes, eggs and birds Learn More


Kenya Bats Small Mammals

Since most bats are nocturnal, they are difficult to see and hence believed to be ghosts. This is especially true of the gregarious cave-dwelling species whose calls are sometimes thought to be the cries of lost souls or demons.Learn More


Kenya Africa Elephant

Despite their massive size they are entirely vegetarian eating a wide variety of foods including grass, leaves, shoots, flowers, bark and a variety of cultivated plants (maize, bananas, mangoes, sweet potatoes etc). Learn More


Black and White Rhinoceroses

Kenya Black and White Rhinoceroses , Kenya has two species of Rhinoceros, the Black Rhinoceros, Diceros bicornis, and the White Rhinoceros, Ceratotherium simum. The two can be distinguished by the mouth, which has a prehensile upper lip in the Black and a very wide upper lip in the White. Also the White Rhinoceros has a large hump at the top of the neck behind its head. Learn More


Kenya Cape buffalo

Kenya Cape buffalo, Syncerus caffer, is a massive, moody and very dangerous animal. Their main diet is grass but at certain times leaves and buds may make up the greater part of their intake. Learn More


Kenya Cape Hare

The Kenya Cape Hare , Lepus capensis, is primarily vegetarian but also occasionally eats mice. Learn More


The Kenya Hippopotamus

The Kenya Hippopotamus, Hippopotamus amphibius, is a well-known animal that most people will recognize instantly. Learn More


Kenya Warthog

The Kenya Warthog , Phacochoerus aethiopicus, is my personal favourite Kenyan mammal. I have no idea why this should be since I will admit that they are ugly, scruffy and not particularly appealing to most people ,,,,,,,. but then I also love Giant Forest Hogs! Learn More


Kenya White-toothed Shrew

The Kenya White-toothed Shrew is the most common in Africa. They are members the genus Crocidura and there are 103 different species - some of which are so new that they have yet to be named! Learn More


Kenya Yellow-winged Bat

The Kenya Yellow-winged Bat Lavia frons is found in forests and open country and is common in Kenya where it can be seen roosting in Acacia trees. Learn More


Kenya skinks

Kenya skinks are a wide variety of lizards in Kenya many of which are active by day and can be seen patrolling their territory. The skink is a rather attractive animal with its shiny, almost metallic looking scales. It is often found basking on rocks or walls. Learn More


The Kenya Rock Hyrax

The Kenya Rock Hyrax , Heterohyrax brucie, also known as Bruce's Dassie is a small hoofed mammal which lives in colonies among rocks and boulders, sometimes (as in the Lake Baringo region) they live in the basalt cliffs providing Verreaux's Eagle with its main Learn More

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