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We loved Kati Kati Camp in Serengeti National park Tanzania. Fantastic location in the heart of the killing fields...

Umm Serengeti. Never seen so many fat bellied lions, cheetah and leopards before!

The camp is spotless, the hot water bucket shower amusing and not a hard ship as the water lasts ages.

Kati Kati has a few mobile campsites, so you are seldom sure exactly which one you are in.

We really enjoyed the niftily designed en-suite tents, spacious, well ventilated, with comfortable wrought-iron double beds.

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The food was excellent considering the location—and what a stunning location it is!—and the chef made an unforgettable peanut soup, and this for somebody like me used to Uganda’s finest.

The candle-lit dining tent was elegant, and the service wonderfully genteel and friendly at the same time.

At each table was a safari party eating with their guide, and this made for a really interesting mix to witness, and the tables chatted among each other, too.

I heard from one Argentine party that had been staying at the luxury lodge that KatiKati was much superior in every way.

Can you imagine, we arrived and introduced our little boy to one of the porters just once, and from then on all the staff in camp knew his name and made him feel like a special part of the camp.

They all turned out to wave him goodbye (well, he is pretty charming, I have to admit!). These camps are quite intimate, and we learned about the lives and families of some of the workers.

Wonderful campfire, lightning storm, sound of animals.

I loved shaving under the verandah tent flap in the morning, out of a triangular canvas bucket on a stand using hot water that smelled of wood smoke, thorn trees reflected in the mirror. Opt for the Hemmingway way and skip the lodge

They kept moving around a hill near Faru Faru (another Singita place where we stayed that was also amazing) and our guide, Aloyce, would not give up looking for a way to get a good view of them."

"We had drinks and snacks overlooking the plains before returning to dinner.

It was a beautiful sunset."

"The desert for lunch was a white chocolate, orange mousy concoction that everyone declared divine.

Later at dinner someone said that lunch dessert may have been the best thing he's ever eaten.

The chef was very happy to hear it." "We have twelve staff, plus the manager (Jordan), our guide (Aloyce), and the night guards.

Quite an entourage!" If you do go to one of the Singita places and Aloyce is your guide, please tell him the family that was with him for New Year's day 2012 still talks of him fondly and hopes to see him again someday.

This was a trip with people ages 54 to 15 and everyone loved it.

Oh, and in case you are wondering the bathroom facilities are like those at home.

The shower is HOT. Also, you should note that this is located in the Grumeti Reserve of the Serengeti.

There are limited numbers of people allowed in the Reserve at any given time.

You see many more non-human than human mammals

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