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This was the last and one of the nicest places we stayed at during our three-week safari to Northern Tanzania.

We stayed at Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp for two evenings while game driving northern parts of the Serengeti.

Mbuzi Mawe is a wonderful tented camp located in the Serengeti.

Of all the Serena properties on the Northern Circuit I stayed in, I'd have to say this was my favorite one.

Mbuzi Mawe is located in the midst of huge kopjes which are alive with wildlife. I watched a range of beautiful multi-coloured lizards and salamanders sun on the rocks.

Monkeys, baboons and hyrax were plentiful, and a herd of elephants visited the camp shortly after we arrived.

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 The tents are well appointed, the water was wonderfully hot and we were surprised by the fact they had a masseuse on site.

We both enjoyed relaxing massages in our tent before we had cocktails on the deck and mingled with the other guests.

The staff were exceptionally helpful and bent over backwards to accommodate our every wish.

At dinner one of the guest had a birthday and they had made a special birthday cake (she was 86 and it was her fifth visit to the camp). The whole staff came to sing and we all got birthday cake!

The comparison between the two experiences reinforced for us the range of experiences that are available in the Serengeti and that we much preferred the small, intimate, extremely comfortable tented camp experience.

The tents are of very high quality. Very nicely appointed with nice large bath area and two very comfortable double beds. There is a large patio area with comfortable chairs and hammock to relax in.

Meals are served in the main dinning/reception area.

The dinning room is small but seats the small number of guests at the lodge comfortably.

The meals are excellent and the service is very good.

We would recommend this mode of accommodation to anyone who travels to Serengeti and wants the Out of Tanzania experience.

Great, clean tents, great showers (even in the mobile camps which are slightly more rustic), great food, and a chance to sit outside or on a deck and compare stories and pictures with equally excited travellers.

Mbuzi Mawe stands out in our mind as a first class tented camp.

All in all our stay was fantastic and I would rate it a 5 out of 5.

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