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Have you ever organized a trip by yourself and spent hours on the Internet searching for that perfect hotel in that perfect little place on Earth?

Well, we’ve found it at the Waikiki Zanzibar Resort.

And it was love at first sight. Guys, thank you all, you're the best!!!

Thanks’ to all the chefs for the delicious meals that they prepared for us every day and all the nice waiters who made us feel at home.

Beautiful bungalows directly on the beach, nice people, relax place... just a paradise! African style the bungalows where you can feel as a prince....i loved my holiday in Waikiki and...

Friday night ...partyyyyyy :) what better for a special holiday?? Waikiki that's all !!! especially the owner flavio with his family Sara and the lovely boy..let feel you at home!!!

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I have nothing but good things to say about Waikiki resort. In my opinion we found the gem of Zanzibar, which is largely contributed to the resort owner/manager, Flavio. Here are our thoughts on the hotel/resort: 


Located in Pwani Mchangani area of Zanzibar, Waikiki has the best stretch of beach we experienced in all of Zanzibar, surpassing the highly regarded, Matemwe area.

There is a massive stretch of beach that is pure white coral sand (seaweed/coral/sea urchin free).

Furthermore, there is a natural, chest deep lagoon that you easily walkout to at low tide. This is a bonus when most of the island is knee-deep water (aka – you can actually swim here)

The Waikiki Resort is a laid back, beach environment, as it should be. It’s very relaxing and easy to get settled quickly.

The resort has a great layout with rooms around the perimeter, the main dinner/reception area up front and a nice open garden area in the middle with a beach bar and second restaurant located by the water.

For those interested in kiteboarding, there is a school located onsite that has great staff and their equipment is all current and in great condition.

We ended up staying in a few different rooms during our stay, as we kept extending it.

All the rooms we stayed in were quite nice. The beds are comfortable, the rooms are spacious (particularly for the price) and they have the best mosquito nets I’ve ever seen in a hotel.

Each room has a nice porch area as well, which is great to sit at in the evenings.

There is wireless in the restaurant, but its range usually extends to all the rooms and sometimes even down to the beach cabanas.

The restaurant is quite good. There is a mixture of classic Italian dishes, African offerings and casual, comfort food.

They have specials everyday to mix things up and there is a special seafood menu you can splurge on if you’re in the mood for fresh lobster and other delicacies from the sea.

We had no problems with any of the food. In fact, it’s one of the only places we stayed during our entire trip that gave us ZERO stomach issues.

The staff at Waikiki make the resort that much better. Everyone is extremely friendly and accommodating. It’s very clear that the staff are treated well and it’s a good working environment.

The key to Waikiki, however, is the owner/manager, Flavio. He is hands down the best host I have ever encountered at a hotel.

It’s clear that he loves what he does and he really goes above and beyond to ensure you have a great stay (but NOT in that over the top “try hard” sort of way).

If you haven’t gathered by now, we really enjoyed our stay at Waikiki. We would recommend it to anyone.

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