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As a family with 4 children ages 15,14,12,and 9 plus my mother was travelling with us.

We spent 10 nights at Oceanview villa vacation rental in Zanzibar Tanzania. The staff were OK.

The beach and garden were nice. The gardener did a nice job with that.

The house could do with a good clean.

Not a lot of that was going on while we where there.

The power was constantly going off and the generator didn't work. We had to ask for lamps/candles and matches.

Which seemed to be put away in a safe place every night.

So we bought our own.

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There is bottled water to buy. But at the end of our stay I think the water bottles were being refilled from the well. When we asked the staff to show us the sealed water bottles. There were none in the house. Plus the kids were feeling a little off.

We were hoping for some fresh fish and seafood but only received frozen. The cooking after awhile tasted all the same.

Some dishes were nice but I thought very expensive.

One large bowl of pasta with meat sauce for 3 adults and 4 children was US$75.00. I think that is a lot for a ordinary home cooked meal.

In saying that the untensils/ appliances in the kitchen are very limited. The breakfast of pancakes which were really crepes every morning became a bit much.

They were always served half an hour before we asked. So very cold gluppy crepes and rock hard toast for 10 days become frustrating.

The fresh fruit was nice and the table set on the patio every morning was lovely.

It was a very relaxing place to stay. We as a family love to read and play board games all day .

The front patio was prefect for that. But to read and play games at night was nearly impossible.

Even if the power was on the lighting was very dim. Thanks goodness we had head torchs.

We ended up washing our towels as they smelled awful.

The pillows on the beds need to be replaced.

They stunk of stale sweat and you wouldn't want to put your head on them. No soap in the bathrooms.

Lots of little things that could be easily rectified could make this a very enjoyable stay

More about Ocean Villa and Bungalows vacation rental in Zanzibar

Have your own slice of paradise at this spacious and exotic, private villa. Set in a lush tropical garden overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Enjoy the natural splendor of the magnificent beach and the exhilarating architectural interior of the villa.

Capacity 8-10 people
Total floor size of 371 sq. m. /3993 sq. ft.
4 bedrooms & 2 baths

The OceanView Villa is a private villa for rent suitable for family vacationers, family reunions, small groups of friends, and couples seeking privacy and tranquility.

The rooms are designed and decorated to capture the local Swahili style of Zanzibar and blend flawlessly with the environment.

Bungalow accommodation:

We also recently added two adjoining spacious bungalows with wide front verandas overlooking a tropical garden and the warm, tranquil turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

Each bungalow is 67sq.m. (722 feet) and has 3 queen size Swahili beds accommodating 6 people.

The two bungalows can accommodate total of 12 people plus extra 2 cots. The bungalows are designed for families, group of friends and or a couple.

There is a lockable interconnecting door allowing easy access for socializing and to turn the rooms into a family suite.

The house is located in Pwani Mchanngani, a small town at east coast of Zanzibar. If you like calm, quiet and relaxed places, you shoud go to Ocean View Villa.

The beach, that was cleaned every morning for us, is so beautiful, and the people who work there so friendly and helpful.

They have a nice dog, Rambo, who likes people and looks for friends.
The house was always clean and the food was delicious and ready always on time.

We really liked our stay at Ocean View Villa.

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