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I stayed at Vuma Hills Lodge with my girlfriend; we arrived and were greeted by the lodge manager, Mr Morgan, who was a thoroughly nice chap.

Our tent was nicely prepared and my only gripe about it was a small amount of mildew in the shower.

Their water is solar heated so don’t expect to be scalded when you step in said shower!

Speaking to Mr Morgan, he told us that the camp itself was due for some renovations this year so hopefully that minor problem will be fixed.

The view from our tent was spectacular, as is the view from the bar. You can see all of Mikumi National Park laid out ahead of you! It made me wish I had a better camera.

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At the bar in the evenings you can feed Bush Babies which is quite entertaining until they start trying to steal the food from your plate! There's also a feeding platform you can view from the bar where they put scraps of food for animals to eat.

I saw a jennet and a HUGE porcupine! Some people are against this practice as they say it's not natural for the animals to have the food laid out for them, but as was pointed out to me, they'd only be raiding the bins anyway!

The food was lovely, both dinner and breakfast. Staff was cool. Great all round

This place was really amazing. At Vuma Hills the management had managed to combine comfort and service with the experience of staying out in the bush in the best possible way.

Our accommodation was in the fashion of cozy tent huts with room for 3 persons and with WC and shower area.

The huts where built up on wooden poles so that you where sleeping almost up in the canopy cover of the forest. In the evening, you could just sit on your veranda and listen for all the different noises the bush life was providing you with.

Staff was super friendly and the manager Morgan was very hospitable and service minded. He told us a lot about all the wild life that was going on around the camp and at night, from the veranda, we were able to see porcupines, honey badgers and cute bush babies among others.

The meals Vuma Hills was offering were delicious and of good variety. I enjoyed every little bite of it. One evening I got a desert that was like a banana caramel cake that i immediately fell in love with.

Furthermore, Vuma Hills gets bonus points for being is situated conveniently close (maybe 15 min drive) to the entrance of Mikumi National Park, providing a pool and the view from the veranda was amazing!

I highly recommend Vuma Hills for other travelers.

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