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We weren't sure what to expect from a tented mobile camp but can honestly say Ubuntu Camp was more comfortable than the hotels we stayed at in Tanzania.

The location was great- one morning we woke up and there were giraffes about 200 yards away from our tent.

The next morning it was zebras.

There was plenty of game nearby including a pack of the rarely seen wild dogs, as well as lions, and cheetahs just a bit further.

The food at Ubuntu was also excellent and they accommodated our dietary restrictions very well.

Also to note was the superb and friendly service.

Everything you needed was taken care of quickly and with great care.

Mark, the manager, and DiDi stood out especially.

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Our guide, Aflred, was top notch and can be credited for elevating our trip experience from wonderful to one of the most memorable in our lives (and we do our fair share of traveling).

He shared his immense knowledge of the game life, the serengeti, Tanzanian culture, and everything else we could have wanted to know.

He was consistently outstanding with his customer service and had a great sense of humor.

He is highly recommended and definitely worth making a special request for. The other Asilia accommodations we stayed at, Matemwe, was also a fantastic.

Asilia has definitely earned our trust when it comes to providing a top notch Tanzanian experience.

The site is sat atop an escarpment and has spectacular views of animals walking past.

To add a touch of security the site is patrolled at night by the Massi warriors who also acted as guides on our first day.

On arriving at the campsite you are greeted by the campsite manager and you will be introduced to the staff at the campsite.

We arrived late and the chef was very kind to provide us with a lunch which would rival any top London restaurant.

We were shown to our tent which is one of only about a dozen. In the evening you are invited to sit around a campfire with the other guests. Dinner is served on a communal table which was allowed a friendly atmosphere.

Other guests would share their stories and experiences.

Unlike other campsites all the drinks are free (except spirits) and this includes some amazing local wines and beers.

The tents are very well furnished and the site boasts a strong commitment to the environment.

You can order a shower because all the hot water must be brought to your tent by hand.

I will never forget watching the game crossing the escarpment whilst we had breakfast.

A short distance from the campsite you will find a vast number of cats and other animals.

The campsite manager had sited a large family of African Wild Dogs passing through the site only days before our arrival. We found a family of Cheetah a short drive from the campsite who I believe were posing for us/

On leaving the campsite it felt as if we were departing home. An unforgettable location and experience. Thank you.

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