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Tuhende Safari Lodge in Kampala City Uganda was a good backpacker place right in the craziness of Kampala.

While some of the other Kampala backpacker places may be better for meeting other people, Tuhende Hotel keeps you right in the action of Kampala.

The staff is so friendly and will go out of their way to help you.

The Food... oh god the food... seriously the food is so amazing... for a ridiculously low price you get a four course meal... you get an amazing soup- a spicy filled chapatti with salsa- the main course (best steak iv ever had btw- and thats not an exaggeration) and then a lovely little fruity desert.

i think it could be the cheapest place to stay in Kampala and they give you a complimentary tea/coffee and toast for breakfast.

They have a grand shower with hot water.. the dorms are split into two so if you are a light sleeper try and get a bed on the side furthest away from the balcony cos there can be a good bit of noise at night....

This place couldn’t be more central... it is literally a couple of minutes walk away from the taxi parks... and if you have never been to Uganda before you will soon find out how convenient it is to be so close to the taxi park.

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It is infact in such a perfect location that although it is close to the taxi park it is still far enough away that it isn’t overwhelmingly congested.

The location also has a good Ugandan and Indian population... In my experience most internet cafes that are ran by Indians are generally very good and there are plenty of them on this street at a very reasonable price...

There are also a group of Ugandans that sell amazing chicken at night time which they cook on their charcoal stoves...

Some people would be wary of eating meat cooked on the side of the street (I wouldn’t cos it tastes soooooooo gooooood) but if you are they also cook up chips too.....

Anyway I totally recommend this place and have brought many people to this place and they all have the same opinion as me.. it truly is amazing....

New sheets and floor washed every day.... and never be afraid to ask question from the staff they will go out of their way to help you...

Tuhende Safari Lodge  in Kampala City of Uganda

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