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For all your best international cuisines, don’t miss to visit Tamambo Restaurant in Nairobi City while on your vacation in Kenya.

This is a wonderful restaurant. The food is absolutely stunningly delicious and inventive.

Try the Kachos (Kenyan Nachos)! Or for a serious treat enjoy succulent oysters. Mmmm.

Tamambo Restaurant in Nairobi City is located at one end of Village Market mall, up on the top floor.

There is an inside area which has a warm and hip ambiance.

Outside seating is on the patio under an enormous soaring tent ceiling. They decorate with lots of candles and on some nights there is live music.

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More About Restaurant Tamambo Food Cafe in Kenya Nairobi City

It is true though, this is not a cheap place to attend. But with the tapas style of eating you can just order a few things if that is more your style.

I 100% recommend this for a romantic evening, for a treat for yourself, for hanging with friends, and pretty much any other reason possible.

Situated at The Mall in Westlands, this restaurant and pub strives to incorporate African interior décor and artistry with food service as seen by its extention to the staff uniform of African design.

This is not an easy fit to pull off but Tamambo Restaurant in Nairobi City does it superbly creating an African touch blended with a sophisticated modern/Western look.

The interior setting of Tamambo uniquely guarantees privacy, ideal for dates and private conversations and clandestine liaisons. The services is accomodating and highly professional. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner only.

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Tamambo Restaurant in Nairobi City

This is a wonderful restaurant. The food is absolutely stunningly delicious and inventive. Try the Kachos (Kenyan Nachos)! Or for a serious treat enjoy succulent oysters Learn More

Tamambo Restaurant in Nairobi City Kenya

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