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From the day it opened in December 2011 Swahili Beach Resort Diani Mombasa has proven to be the leader in quality accommodation in an area of Kenya brimming with good hotels.

It seems that the owner decided from day one to build a place of excellence and has achieved it!

Obviously it is not perfect but it is in my opinion the best on DIANI BEACH and I have experience of most of them.

I as pleasantly surprised when they even started replanting trees that most hotels ignored outside the perimeter wall and worked I’m told with the COLOBUS TRUST to ensure some of the essential trees needed for endangered species of monkey were included.

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The food choices are varied and the staff are tastefully outfitted and attentive one or two bits of fine tuning are still needed but I think eventually this hotel could well be the place of choice of the footballers and managers etc who want a luxurious and refined break Could perhaps benefit from a bit of BRITISH flair i.e. meet and greet and customer care fixer

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Positive aspects at Swahili Beach Resort Diani Mombasa:

1. Beautifully furnished & spacious rooms that give a tranguil feeling

2. Very large coffee/tea mug in the room - ideal for tea addicts like me!

3. A big LCD TV artistically mounted on the wall - 32-37 inch??(it's also branded the hotel name!)

4. Clean soft linen - did not have to use my personal bedsheets which I carry along on 1st visit!

5. Has the biggest bathroom mirror I've encountered so far

6. Large, clean,beautiful swimming pool - gives a feel of relaxation immediately

7. The Hotel Manager made efforts to interact with guests and find out their experience.

8. Wonderful environment conservation effort - planting of coconut trees all the way to the beach

9. Good initiative to keep everything natural with Swahili inspiration

10. The lawns are great, with plenty of outdoor & beach comfortable beds

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