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We really weren't sure how Serenget Wildness Camp would be- camping outdoors, with a "drop toilet" and a "bush shower" (meaning someone fills your shower with hot water and you have two minutes to get it done...

But, quite frankly this experience was memorable and incredible.

We are not campers, but when we travel it is important that the experiences are "authentic", and this camp was the real deal.

I was in the Boy Scouts! I know what camping is! This is not what I remember. First off, I don't remember hot showers.

I mean come on, I loved them! They weren't plentiful but boy were they nice and now I can take a shower and use less than a bucket of water.

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Proper plates and awesome food, I seem to remember hot dogs burnt on a stick? And all of those Lions and Zebra making noise all night you better bring some ear plugs or they'll keep you awake!

But what really makes this place special is the excellent staff and being serenaded by hyenas, zebra, wildebeest and lions as you sleep at night.

The staff is always there to welcome you as you come in from the day and always asked how our day went - we were usually very excited about what we'd seen and it was very nice of them to listen to all of our stories

The tent was spacious and in excellent condition, the beds were some of the most comfortable that we slept in throughout East Africa. This is a small intimate camp with around 10 tents, plus a tent for the dining room and the common area.

You really are out in "the bush", but it is very relaxing and restful, without being super luxurious. {No chandeliers in your tent!)

The staff is absolutely top notch, and they attend to your needs without out being "fussy".

One of the standouts here is the food! We were shocked that the meals they were cooking out in the middle of nowhere would make any five star restaurant jealous. We were not disappointed with any of the meals.

This is a mobile camp, which is different than a permanent camp- meaning that this camp moves to different locations throughout the year- so it doesn't have any permanent buildings, or permanent plumbing.

There is a huge difference between staying in a permanent camp and a mobile camp, so do your research ahead of time.

Now about your probably concerns- the drop toilet, I was really worried it was going to be like a porta pottie at a construction site, but was actually perfectly fine- it is a real toilet that flushes with water, and not bad at all.

The bush shower, was also very nice. Your attendant wakes you up in the morning and lets you know when your shower is ready- (they fill a large container above the tent with water)

And then you can shower for around 2 or 3 minutes- which is actually more than enough time; and the water is hot and refreshing.

Animals often wander through this camp, so you have to stay in your tent at night- but I loved the sounds of the lions roaring and "chuffing" away at night. If you can't stand seeing a bug flying around at dinner,

or will be worried what is lurking in the tall grass- do yourself a favor and stay in one of the hotels or lodges- and you will be isolated from the nature. But for us, that is why we came to Serengeti!

There is no electricity in the tents- but there is solar lighting. You can however charge all of your cameras, phones, batteries in the main tent.

The only negatives for us were small- the solar lighting in the common area was dim and made for a blase atmosphere. The other tented camp we stayed at used lanterns, which made it bright enough to see, but was very cozy.

But honestly, everyone goes to bed at 9pm so that they can be up with the sunrise. And let me tell you- there is NOTHING like walking out of your tent in the morning and watching that bright orange sun come up over the horizon

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