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Serengeti Halisi Camp was by far the very best accommodation we had during our safari in Tanzania! We just loved it there!

What set it apart from all of our other great accommodations was the location inside the Serengeti close to nature and wildlife and the family atmosphere in the camp created by the excellent team.

With the word "Karibu" (shahili: welcome) at our arrival we were part of the family like in no other lodge or camp.

We really felt at home and more than taken care of by the team.

Thank you to Guydon & his Halisi camp team for these unforgettable days!

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Concept & Accommodation

Halisi is a tented camp in the Serengeti desert. All equipment (tents, chairs, beds, showers, toilets, lamps etc) is new and in excellent condition.

The camp has 8 tents, so max. 16 guests which adds to the friendly family like atmosphere. One separate tent is set up for dining.

Guests have a spacious tent with a very comfortable bed and in the back of the tent separated shower, chemical toilet and sink.

In front of the tent you have comfortable chairs and tables. Solar torches/ flashlights and lamps are provided in your tent.

The solar lamps used can be set to 3 levels of brightness and there are several in the tent so that it is also easy to find your way in the tent at night.

A great concept is the use of solar power: each tent has a solar panel to re-charge lamps and solar flashlights during the day and also the camp kitchen and other facilies are operated by energy from solar panels.

As this camp is in the desert and water has to be brought in from 70km away, clean water for showering is provided in a tank that is brought to your tent once you want to take a shower.

You can ask for the temperature (hot, warm and cold) and they will bring it accordingly. The tent was always kept very clean (I would like to know how they do that in such a dusty desert, excellent job!)

Food & Service

What I really loved apart from the other excellent food was actually getting a thermos of hot morning tea or coffee with cookies delivered to the tent at your chosen get up time. Just the perfect start of the day!

I never expected such luxurious food far away from towns in the desert. 3 course breakfast with fruit, your choice of eggs and pancakes, cereals, toasts and juice.

Very tasty lunch packet with plenty of choice (if you return to the camp provided in re-usable plastic boxes which is great if you look at the tons of waste safari tourists produce every day with their one way lunch boxes).

Tasty 3 course dinner. We even got to try some African Ugali which was especially prepared for us after we were talking o the camp crew about their life and food - that is one example how attentive they are and what made our days there so special!

Experience - you can't get closer to wildlife

Experiencing nature and wildlife is what you are looking for on a safari. We had Impalas grazing next to the camp and we were able to watch birds around.

In the evening you can sit outside your tent and listen to the sounds of the bush and nocturnal animals or join the campfire to talk about the great experiences during the day.

When lions came close to the camp in the evening the camp crew took us to watch them which was an amazing experience.

We never felt worried because trained Massai are watching the wi ldlife around and securing the camp day and night.

Special note on camping

While this was my favourite accommodation and I would very highly recommend it to anyone who is visiting the Serengeti, please, note this is a camp with tents in a desert!

You will hear animals at night (which was amazing for me!!!) and you will have a camping shower and bathroom in a tent. It is different than staying in a permanent lodge with wooden/ brick houses, so please be up for a wonderful camping experience!

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