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Two of my wishes in my safari are 1) to experience the great migration and 2) to experience "glam camping". I got both.

The Nasikia Luxury Tented Camp is a mobile camp that follows the great migration (wildebeests, zebras) throughout the Serengeti.

The setup is intimate: no more than a dozen tents but with very good amenities within each tent.

At this time of the year (January), the mobile camp of Nasikia is in the Lake Ndutu area (Southern Serengeti), perhaps the best place in the entire Serengeti to experience the great migration (our guide claims so).

In terms of luxury, it met my minimum expectations (fully made beds, furniture, bathroom, toilet, toiletries, solar powered lights, fine breakfast and dinner, and pleasant staff (Kevin was exceptional nice)).

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Wine and other alcoholic beverages are also available. As for hot shower, they heat up water in the kitchen and fill about a bucket full outside of the tent. Beware though.

They claim that the water is good for two persons when it's just really good for one. Also, it is quite hot if you shower immediately. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes.

It terms of location, I couldn't ask for anything more. It was just a stone's throw from the marsh where the wildebeests and zebras congregate in the afternoon.

Some of them go astray and actually enter the camp. It is even unbelievable at night.

You will hear the sounds of the nocturnal animals right in the comfort and safety of your tent. I would not even dare coming out. In the morning, giraffes are a plenty.

From the entrance of Ngorongoro Park which also serves as the entrance to the Serengeti, it took about 3-4 hours drive to the camp.

But the trip is really one pleasant game drive. Plenty of animals to see: wildbeests and zebras stampeding. We even saw cheetah attack on a wildebeest not far from the camp.

If you're visiting in January, make sure you bring a sweater or jacket. At night, the temp goes down to the low 20s celsius and drops to the low 10s in the early morning. It was even colder than the Ngorongoro highlands during our stay for some reason.

If you think camping is hardship, think again. This is luxury camping for you, with a very comfortable four-poster bed and bathrobes all ready. The thing that reminded us that this was camping was the floor.

The ground was sloping and I occasionally slid down. The metal foot of the bed was essential to stop me from sliding off!

There was an ensuite toilet to this tent too. This amazing toilet had a sink with running water, a flush toilet and a hot water shower.

I'm sure you're wondering how a camp in the wilderness could manage running water.

The tap, toilet and shower each had its own tank. While the in-room brochure advised us to be careful with our water consumption as it's hard to truck water all the way out here, the sweet staff told us to use all we need and make ourselves at home.

It was lovely how they balanced hospitality and conservationism. But I'm sure you're wondering more about the hot water for the shower.

The catch here is that showers need to be ordered 10 minutes in advance and in batches.

They'd fill up the tank with hot water and then it's up to you to use it and hope that they deliver the next batch in time.

There was the one kitchen tent that turned out surprisingly good dinners! Everything worked on either gas or electricity from solar panels.

They even managed to turn out a birthday cake with icing on it for my husband's birthday.

We enjoyed the sunset, and thereafter a yummy dinner after some delay. Camp staff informed us that it was due to a technical difficulty.

The next day, our guide Muba told us that the "technical difficulty" was really lions near the camp and all staff were on board to chase them away. Gulp.

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