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Do you want information for Meru Town schools and colleges? There are many types of schools in Meru . It’s up to you to know which type of school you are interested in. On this page, we will show you all schools and colleges in this area.

Educational Center

Meru City is an educational center for the northeast of Kenya.There are primary and secondary schools, including the Meru High School and Kaaga Girls School, two leading Kenyan secondary educational institutions.

Emory University has a partnership with the Meru High School to share computers, books, and science equipment in memory of George Brumley.

There are also technical schools, the Meru Technical Institute and the Meru College of Technology being the major ones.

In addition, there are teacher training colleges and the recently developed Kenya Methodist Universityat Meru, known as KEMU.

Other institutions of Higher learning in Meru include:

• Meru University College of Science and Technology.

• Meru Technical Training Institute.

• Nkabune Technical Institute.

• Africa Nazarene University,Meru Campus.

• University of Nairobi Extra Mural Centre situated in the Posta Building.

• Kenya Institute of Management - Alexander House.

• Bugema University,Meru town Campus located within Angaine Plaza.

• Mount Kenya University,Nkubu town campus located in Nkubu town.

Meru has a number of High Schools of note which have produced a number of leaders in the current government and the

Kenyan private sector. These include among others

• Meru School

• Kaaga Girls High School

• Kaaga Boys High School

There are a number of schools in this area and Kenya as a whole, including primary, secondary and international schools. They are instrumental to the country's education system..

The United Republic of Kenya realizes that quality education is the pillar of national development, for it is through education that the nation obtains skilled manpower to serve in various sector in the nation’s economy.

It is through quality education Kenya will be able to create a strong and competitive economy which can effectively cope with the challenges of development and which can also easily and confidently adapt to the changing market and technological conditions in the region and global economy.

The schools in Kenya were fraught with problems, with students not being able to afford the fees, and teachers being underpaid

Since the abolition of school fees in 2003, things have taken a turn for the relatively better. More children are getting education, although the schools are overcrowded and understaffed. There are serious problems with funds as well, but the Kenyan government is working hard to put things right. .

Work is underway to devise a national fee structure, to improve training facilities for teachers, and to achieve gender parity in the imparting of education. Work is also going on to improve the overall. secondary education structure in Kenya.

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