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Man Eaters Camp is a newly opened luxury tented camp on the edge of Tsavo West National park.
Everything about the place is amazing! The tents are gorgeous and huge, the biggest we have seen! The beds are much the same, enormous!

Four poster beds made from local wood which apart from being the mot comfortable beds we have slept in in a while; blend in perfectly with the decor of the whole camp.

Each tent has it's own balcony and a view of the river.

The furnishings and decor of the whole camp are beautifully rustic and African.

The dining experience is nothing short of exquisite! Fine dining in the African bush with some of the most delectable dishes!

The pool area, overlooking the river is gorgeous and there is nothing nicer than sitting there sipping a cocktail watching the elephants come by to quench their African savanna thirst...

Balcony overlooking river approx 10 feet away, hippos in pool outside balcony, antelope, zebras birds around in camp.

Area extensive and you can and we did travel for hours without seeing another car.

Varied terrain, Saw the usual suspects lions, many elephants crocs etc etc but of course no leopards - do they really exist!

You can also travel for miles without seeing a lot of game because this is an open area - the terrain is really varied and interesting.

You can stop for a coffee / beer at one of the other camps hotels and if you want to see hundreds of exciting things just join in with the safari drives and you too can be one of 10 cars watching lions cubs etc. Guilty as charged!

Swimming pool looked clean and fresh but did not venture in. Massage parlour (!) didn't try but prices reasonable for manicures, massage etc compared to UK very good.

Security appeared good as much for preventing the hippos turning up in restaurant - as for other reasons.

Beers pricey 250KS but apart from that would highly recommend.

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