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Do you know the secret of Lamu beaches in Kenya? On this site, let’s be your guide to the beaches of lamu island in Kenya.

Lamu's narrow streets remain unchanged, and in the markets and squares around the fort life moves at the same pace as it always has. There are no vehicles on this island, and the donkey and the dhow remain the dominant form of transport.

Getting to Lamu beaches in Kenya

Lamu is best accessed by air. There are scheduled flights daily from Nairobi and Malindi. The island is serviced by an airstrip on neighbouring Manda Island.

The strip can also be used by private charters. A dhow ferries arriving passengers to either Lamu town or Shela. Many yachts also come to Lamu, often sheltering in the channel near Shela.

Getting Around

There are no vehicles on Lamu. The winding streets of the towns are best explored on foot. Shela village and the beaches are also accessible by foot.

Alternatively dhows regularly carry paying passengers back and forth from Lamu town to Shela. It is also possible to hire donkeys to ride around the island.

Tana River Delta is an ideal destinations for swimming, game viewing and birdwatching. Internationally recognised as one of Kenya's most important wetland areas, it gives very exciting taste of wilderness.

The place seems tailormade for those who want to enjoy wildlife safari but with a difference.

The 40 km wide delta is the land of pure nature, comprising bubbling streams, pristine lakes, undulating dunes and vast stretches of Savannah grasslands. Tana River Delta

Beasts and Birds of Grasslands

Tana River Delta is the home of animals like elephants, bushbucks, buffalos and reedbucks. All these beasts can be seen wandering freely in the grasslands.

Birds found here include Reed Warblers, Sandplovers, Spoonbills, Gull-billed Terns, Snake Eagles, Egrets, Storks, Pelicans, Bee-eaters, Storks, Ibis, Kingfishers and Hornbills.


Tana River Delta exists north of the famous Kenya beach town of Malindi. It is formed when the mighty Tana River flows into the Indian Ocean.


To explore the presence of hippos and crocodiles in the marshy swamps, tourists are advised to go on exciting canoe trips.

You can go on beachcombing expeditions or indulge in photo-stalking buffaloes. Exciting boat trips could provide you immense joy of birdwatching.

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