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With a place like Kiwanjani Eco Lodge in Tsavo west national park Kenya , why drive all day seeking out wild animals?

This amazing lodge sits on a watering hole adjacent to Tsavo National Park West in Kenya.

As we sat there looking out our window or eating delicious meals in the lodge, we observed elephants, giraffes, zebras and baboons, wart hogs and a variety of birds coming to the watering hole.

The accommodations are lovely and the service was wonderful.

I can't say enough good things about this place.

In fact, if (when) we go back to Kenya, we will spend at least a week there.

We were impressed that the water and lights were solar powered and even more impressed that a portion of the profits from the lodge go to the local community to encourage them in their efforts to prevent wildlife poaching.

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Thank you Boniface for being our host at the lodge and a huge thank you to Robinson for taking us on this adventure

Kiwanjani was just what we needed after a few very hectic days in Kasigau working with basket weavers.

The lodge is remote but that is what we wanted.

Myself and my friend were the only guests and it was such a pleasure to have it all to ourselves.

We went on a long day safari to Tsavo but due to the time of the year did not see much apart from a Hippo jump into the water on top of a croc! Lots of Elephants and assorted buck but no big stuff like Rhino and Lion...

If you do stay at Kiwanjani it may be an idea to spend one night in Tsavo - I believe they can arrange this for you - so you do not have to do the whole trip in one day. John was fantastic and looked after our every need... we miss you John.

All the other guys that looked after us were fantastic too. The lodge really does a great service to the community who own shares in it so the more people who stay there the better it is.

Main dinning area: This is setup to overlook the watering hole. You are out in the open so you can hear and see the animals. they have a bar to serve drinks or answer any question you may have.

Food: Delicious. wonderfully prepared with plenty of seconds for those who so desire. Our group was bigger than they have had before so we gave them a few challenges that they handled very well.

Staff: the staff were attentive, friendly and very aware of the guests needs.

Eco friendly: The resort is eco-friendly. they have solar panels set up to provide power to the facilities. they actively work very hard to leave very little impact on their surroundings. very refreshing.

Charity work: the owners are heavily invested in the community. they work with the local schools to provide volunteers on different projects, they work with the women from the local villages to empower and give them extra income and have dug waterholes to provide clean and accessible water.

I have more to say about the resort and my experience but it would take books to put it all down. so if you want pictures or have specific questions about the resort, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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