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If you want to know the Kenyan student Rules and regulations,here is a page you shouldn't miss. Although Kenya Students are much westernized, their cultural traditions are still adhere to.

Kenyan Student rules both in Class and outside

• When it comes to dress, jeans and t-shirts are acceptable for both sexes. It would be unacceptable to wear revealing clothes or turn up without shoes. Shorts are rarely worn by Kenyans.

• Kenyan university students are be privileged to be studying in tertiary education. The majority of young people are forced to go out to work early in order to contribute to the family costs. Many children are not educated above primary level.

• Often family members club together to finance the education of the most promising child, on the understanding that when this child begins work they will repay the loan or contribute to funding the education of a sibling.

Kenyan Student rules both in Class and outsideKenyan Student rules both in Class and outside

Kenyan Student rules and student Socialization

• Bars, nightclubs, music concerts and discos are popular for university students.

• Drinking and smoking is acceptable, though rarely abused as money is always tight.

It is uncommon to see groups of excessively drunk young people. Cigarettes are often sold on the street singly.

• University students are more liberal than their mates in the village – drinking and smoking is acceptable for both sexes, though women may be seen as easy if they overindulge. Men often have a pass to drink and smoke as much as they want.

• Most women would wait for a man to ask them out as tradition dictates.

However, the student population are very Westernized in Kenyan society and are likely to join the middle classes who are increasingly gaining independence from family ties and old fashioned convention, such as arranged marriages or financing family members etc.

Therefore a woman might ask a man out on a date and the couple may well split the price of the date, just as could happen in the Western world.

• Men and women tend to be very forward in , especially in universities. Dates do not have to be very structured; walking through the market or around town is acceptable and common.

Very often, though, dating is equated with sex, and a “date” for many Kenyans means going back to someone’s room for the night.

• Kenyan students often have heavy financial burdens on their shoulders and a responsibility to the rest of the family to succeed, making their university days far from carefree.

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