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List of Reptiles in Kenya

African Chameleon

are a distinctive and highly specialized clade of lizards. They are distinguished by their parrot-like zygodactylous feet, their separately mobile and stereoscopic eyes, their very long, highly modified, and rapidly extrudable tongues, their swaying gait Learn More


Green Mamba Snake

The Green Mamba Dendroaspis angusticeps is a venomous East African snake. Despite being highly poisonous it is not aggressive and generally likes to hide. Its colouring and markings make it quite difficult to see in its favourite habitat - treebranches. Learn More



Despite their size and ferocious reputation Kenya Crocodiles tend to be wary of people and avoid contact with them. Learn More


Leopard Tortoise

Although it is quite common to see turtles and terrapins basking in the sun close to water it is less often that you get to see the Leopard Tortoise, Geochelone pardalisLearn More


Monitor lizards

Monitor lizards are common near rivers and open water, and can often be found basking on sandbanks. They can grow extremely large, we have seen individuals which were more than 3 feet long (nose to tail). Learn More

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