How to prepare Kenya Matumbo Recipe.

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How to prepare Kenya Matumbo Recipe. Many locals sometimes prefer Matumbo(Tripe) because it is not only tastier, but also much cheaper in terms of cost than other meat dishes.

Cleaning and preparing it is what puts many people off because they believe it is a lot of work. The method I have here is an easy and fast way of preparing it; you will wonder what the fuss is all about.

WHAT YOU NEED to make Kenya Matumbo Recipe.

One kilogram matumbo (tripe) which should include the blanket,the pocket, the book , honeycomb and small intestines. The butcher should include these parts when selling to you, the meat.

·Two finely chopped onions

·Four teaspoonfuls of tomato paste

·One teaspoonful of curry powder

·One cup coconut milk

·One teaspoonful cooking oil

·One bunch dhania(coriander)


HOW TO PREPARE Kenya Matumbo Recipe.

1.Wash the matumbo thoroughly under running water. ensure all page sof the book are thoroughly cleaned out. and cut into cubes.

2.Boil for one hour and drain the stock

3.Heat and fry the onions till almost brown

4.Add curry powder and stir briefly

5.Add tomatoes and salt and cook till soft

6.Add tomato paste and stir

7.Add coconut milk and bring to boil

8.Add the matumbo and stir. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes.

9.Add chopped dhania(coriander).


Serve with Mukimo or ugali. Matumbo must be hot, for it to taste good.

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