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While you are planning to visit Kenya, you may need to inquire about Kenya Drinks. But before you go far, allow us to give you the hint about the best drinks of Kenya.

Kenya Non alcoholic Beverages

Some Kenyan beverages are: cinnamon apple tea, hot spiced apple juice cider, carob ‘cocoa’-banana, carob ‘cocoa’-plain, which are thick and creamy and indicated for the persons who avoid eating chocolate; coffee (or substitute)- cardamom, or coffee (or substitute)- cinnamon.

Furthermore, there are also fruit smoothies like apple banana and carrot smoothie, which contains apples, bananas, carrots, flax seeds, ice cubes, and cold water; apple, banana, carrot, grapefruit, and orange; cranberries, kiwi, apple, banana, dates and orange.

It seems that all Kenyan beverages are really healthy as they are based on fruits and this means they have a great quantity of vitamins. More than this, preparing them does not necessarily requires a certain method or skills because, after all, everything confines to little imagination and taste.

Alcoholic Beverages of Kenya

Kenyan beer is decent. There is one major brewer whose flagship brand is Tusker Lager. Also try the Tusker Malt Lager. Another good lager beer is White Cap Lager.

Imported beers are available in supermarkets and better hotels, but the prices are usually high. But imported Tanzanian beer like Kilimanjaro and Safari tend to be cheaper than even Tusker.

In local bars, do not expect to pay more than around 150 Ksh for a bottle; anything more is a tourist rip-off.

Imported and local wines and spirits are widely available, and it is advisable to avoid local brews such as "changaa" and "busaa," which are illegal, unhygenically brewed and whose consumption has led to deaths on many occasions.

There is an excellent selection of soft drinks especially from the Coca Cola stable, but try the Tangawizi brand of ginger ale.

If you are in Nairobi, visit the Diamond Plaza in Highridge where you will get a range of freshly squeezed juices including tangerine, sugarcane and mango. In addition, most large malls in Nairobi and Mombasa have juice bars with a wide array of juices on offer.

•Simba Saloon (within the Carnivore in Langata)

•Gypsy (Westlands) - popular, if slightly seedy, bar that has become something of an institution in the past 15 years

•Casablanca (Lenana Road) - Upmarket Morrocan bar in Hurlingham, next to Osteria del Chianti restaurant, where you can relax by the fire outside or lie on huge raised sofas inside and smoke a hookah

•Mercury (ABC place, Westlands) - Swish cocktail bar that's a good place to start the evening

•The Moonflower (Palacina hotel, Dennis Pritt Road) - good place, popular with locals, for a quiet drink in a tasteful but cosy setting.

•Outside Inn (Karen Road) - good steak and kidney pie and good for watching rugby matches

•The Rusty Nail (Dagoretti Road, Karen) - a must for an afternoon drink. It has the loveliest gardens of any bar/restaurant in Nairobi. Come for a Pimms, but the food can sometimes be a little hit and miss. Excellent sticky toffee pudding, though.

•Karen Blixen Coffee Garden (Karen Road) - good bar (and restaurant), popular with white Kenyans but can be a little empty these days.

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Alcoholic Beverages of Kenya

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