Entim Camp

We could not have hoped for a better experience. At every turn, the service was above and beyond our expectations, and the Entim camp itself is very well kept, well managed, and perfectly located.

Being a smaller camp (only 10 tents), you'll be on a first name basis with all the staff and guests here.

The manager of the dining tent, Jonathan, was an excellent host and really made our stay memorable.

He does a wonderful job and is just a warm, genuine, and kind person. Lexie was also a great manager -- efficient and effective yet laid back and friendly. (I hope they see this review! If so, a big thank you from Laura & Chris!)

Everything here just ran like clockwork. Each day began with a wake up "call" and coffee set up outside our tent, followed by a sunrise game drive.

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The driver was very good at finding those rarely spotted animals, including rhinos, cheetahs, leopards, and (though less rare) we even saw lions dining on a recently killed hippo.

Eek...but cool. We saw everything we hoped to see and so much more. And the Entim vehicles were much better suited for the bumpy "roads" than some of the others we saw around -- we were even able to drive through rivers that are an obstacle for some vehicles!

We returned to camp for a lovely breakfast overlooking the Mara river, where you can hear hippos all day and night. We even had a herd of giraffe wander through the camp during breakfast.

Unforgettable! All the food was fresh and delicious, and Jonathan seemed to take pride in describing each meal to us in great detail.

The tents themselves were shockingly clean and comfortable -- more so than several hotels I've stayed in, and these are tents we're talking about! Every detail seemed accounted for here

Our tent was made up and turned down a couple times a day, always kept clean and supplied with fresh towels, yet we never once saw housekeeping come or go.

Because of the river filled with dangerous hippos (and who knows what other possible dangers), we were escorted by Maasai guards everywhere we walked throughout the camp.

Nice to know someone is watching out, as every night we could hear the hippos come up out of the river close to camp, in addition to hearing lions roar, hyenas howl, and any number of unidentifiable nature sounds!

Overall, it was unbelievable to feel so close to nature and yet so comfortable, safe, and well fed. We had a fabulous vacation that we'll never forget, and would recommend this camp to anyone.

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