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Are you a fan of Camp Mulla Music in Kenya and east Africa in general? Do you know where to download their lylics? Many people in Kenya and Africa in particular are not aware that this group of musicaian in Kenya is one of the prominent upcoming artists in Kenya and for that matter, on this page we bring you all you may need to know about Camp Mulla and their music in Kenya.

Camp Mulla is a Kenyan hip hop group originating from and based in Nairobi, Kenya.

The group has grown a big fanbase over a short period, already having over 25,100 fans on Facebook, over 21,800 followers on Twitter (more than any other successful Kenyan artist) and over 150 followers on SoundCloud.

Camp Mulla is currently placed 5th on the ReverbNation "Top hip hop artists" Kenya national charts, behind Verse Kali (4th), mandech (3rd), Diamonah (2nd) and Nonini (1st).

However, they are ahead of top Kenyan hip hop artists such as Chiwawa (12th) and Abbas Kubaff (15th).

Camp Mulla is considered one of the most exciting upcoming music groups in Kenya, if not East Africa.

However, many adults of the age of 30 and above have criticised their "bubblegum music", according to the Buzz feature on the Sunday Nation website.

Foundation and Background of Camp Mulla

After honing their skills through a series of experimental projects, manager Mykie Tuchi and rappers Young Kass and Taio Tripper co-founded the group in mid-2009.

Miss Karun and K'Cous later joined

Current members of Camp Mulla Music in Kenya

• Taio Tripper Emcee - Rapper, vocalist, lyricist

• Young Kass (born Benoit Kanema) - Rapper, songwriter

• Miss Karun (born Karungari Mungai) - Lead vocalist, songwriter

• K'Cous (born Marcus Kibukosya) - Record producer, MC, songwriter, rapper

• Mykie Tuchi (born Michael Mutooni) - CEO,


Song distribution

Camp Mulla started distributing their music through websites ReverbNation, SoundCloud and SoundClick for digital download.

Their first official song, entitled Low, features J-Smiles and was popular amongst college students.

It was introduced by radio presenter Eve D'Souza on Capital FM when it debuted on radio.


Their first single, Low, got them their first airplay on the Kenyan radio scene.

Their most successful song so far is their second single, Party Don't Stop, which has received airplaany Kenyan radio stations, including Kiss 100, 98.4 Capital FM, on which it has reached its Top 9 at 9 playlist, and Homeboyz Radio (91.5), hosted by G Money in the morning.

The song peaked at number 2 on Capital FM's Hits Not Homework and number 13 on Homeboyz Radio's HitList.

On September 21 Camp Mulla had a live interview with Kenyan Kiss 100 host and vocalist DNG, where he asked the group why they do what they do, what their inspiration is, their goals in this music industry and all that motivates their style.

Public appearances and performances

Camp Mulla got their first public appearance on 12 February 2011 at Collo's Valentine's Day concert, where he was to reveal the music video for his new song, Chini ya Maji.

At the same time he was to introduce Camp Mulla in public to perform for the first time.

Camp Mulla was the opening act for Nigerian R&B duo P-Square at a live performance at Carnivore, Lang'ata, Nairobi on 26 February 2011.

Camp Mulla also opened for Nigerian acts at Naija 9te (or Naija Nite) including Naeto C and Flavour on October 2011.

They have also recently made huge appearances at hip hop events, school concerts and award-shows such as the Chaguo La Teeniez Awards.

Musical style

Majority of Camp Mulla's songs incorporate Hip Hop and Contemporary R&B respectively.

However, a close listen to some of their tracks also clearly indicate their producer Marcus operates within an 'expanded' Kenyan mind state, such as their song Addictedi.

They call their musical style "2-5-Flow" or "254Low" (pronounced two five flow), which is a pun of Kenya's calling code +254. "254Low" is also said to be the name of their soon to be launched multi-talented fraternity, which will feature young Kenyan upcoming artists believed to be the future of the newly reformed music industry.

Other songs

The following songs are not arranged in any order. Each of these released tracks are bids to boost the group's growing fanbase.

Songs that are written in bold and italics are very popular songs by Camp Mulla.

Group songs

• All Night Long (Remix) (Remix of All Night Long by AJ)

• Beatbox (Produced by Coolibob)

• Pass That Doob (Freestyle)

• Pare (Remix of "Kare" by P-Unit)

• Take It to the Floor

• Addicted

• Captain of the Cool Kids

• Walkin' on a Dream (Remix of "Walking on a Dream" by Empire of the Sun)

• Money, Clothes, B******, Liquor

• Compliment (featuring Collo)

• Stick 'em Up (Produced by Sean Peevers)

Individual songs

• "Slow Down Kass"- Young Kass

• "I'm on It" - Taio Tripper

• "Doin' it Again" (with Idris Jones and Ade Flownerdia) - K'Cous

• "O Holy Night (John Sullivan Dwight version)" (Acoustic guitar cover with Just a Band from The Just a Band Boxing Day Special) - Miss Karun.

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