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 We had some inside advice to stay at the Blue Pearl Hotel Dar es Salaam while attending a conference at the Milimani conference center which is well outside of the downtown corridor.

Due to traffic, being close saved literally hours of transport time and cost each day. We were 10-15 minutes even in rush hour. It was wonderful to avoid that stress and cost.

Our room was large (2 bedrooms/2 baths) which gave us both privacy and the ability to work together. Despite being on a busy room, it was quiet (the rooms all face away from the main road.)

Rooms were clean and service was great each day. Bottled water is available in your room. 

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The vegetarian Indian food in the restaurant is quite good, but plan on a wait as everything is made up when ordered if you don't take the buffet. (I'm not a buffet person).

Enjoy the Tanzania beer and conversation and your meal will be worth the wait! Breakfast buffet is plentiful and varies each day. (included with our room)

The lobby wifi (paid) was mostly strong, but not quite usable in the rooms. (Go to the Milimani mall and buy a Tigo USB stick and airtime if you are there more than a couple of days- fabulous!) Taxis were always available out front. Food is safe to eat and quite good. The breakfast buffet is satisfactory, not brilliant but quite good.

Dinners in the evening have been splendid with a wide range on offer, but it is more homestyle than up market western style.

The good thing is that it is substance more than appearance, but very good and reasonably priced. Internet is unreliable, but I had a 24 hour connection put on and even though it is slow, one has to accept where we are. 

Generally, I am very happy with the service and the friendly staff. However, what makes it all work good for me is Sikander, the Guest Relations Manager. One word to this fellow and things get done. 

I do recommend the Hotel and will be using it in future whenever I am in Dar.

My main advice is be honest about what you want and what you expect and accept nothing less.

If a hotel wants to charge the rates being asked, then they should provide service that is commensurate with what they ask. I do have that here.

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