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Wow. What can I say about Billa Lodge Kempinski in Serengeti National Park TANZANIA!

The staff, service, and amenities of this place rivals that what you would expect at a 5 star resort in the East Africa.

I've been to 5 star accommodations across the Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda and the Bilila Kempinski matches or beats them on every facet.

Take away the amazing safari and I will just describe the accommodations.

Big rooms with balconies where you can see animals - including the annual migration. 

Very high quality food - the best I've had in Tanzania (although not traditionally African - it's Western)

A swimming pool that overlooks a watering hole where giant herds of elephants come 
Incredible service and its own gym.

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Air conditioned rooms with high speed internet (wifi / wired) that works across the grounds

I cannot speak to the price as an agent brokered of what I imagine was a hefty group discount.

This was among the best experiences I've ever had on my 5+ vacations I have taken up to this point in my life.

Families, groups, couples, and just about everyone would love this place.

I give this place the highest recommendation possible.

There is one major caveat...This is a European style five star hotel. DO NOT book if you want any kind of "at one with the surroundings" stay.

We were lucky that it was very quiet..I can imagine it would be bit nightmarish if it is busy.

As I say, I loved it, but wouldn't have been happy if it was the only place I stayed.

I think you need a real mixture to get the most out of a safari, but this fit the bill for catching up on news from home / getting really clean & eating and sleeping really well.

It was a bit of a surprise given the caliber of the hotel but I suppose this is in the heart of the Serengeti.

Speaking of which, I loved being in the middle of the park. We saw elephants just strolling by our room. Amazing.

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