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Asanja Africa was jus not a night BUT IT WAS A REAL EXPERIENCE.

Asanja is one of the best holiday hotels that I have ever stayed at.

It’s closest to nature you can ever be.

With the bush dinner where from a distance you can see glittering eyes of the animals while you are sitting and enjoying a proper 5 course meal under the glittering sky.

The camp is perfectly located to get the real out in the open feel with the tents sympathetically placed so that you feel alone on the plain but safe.

From the rooms to the staff and the food i would recommenced it as being heaven on earth.

On the last day it was very difficult to convince myself to leave the place.

Asanja just grows on you each hour as the day goes.

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The maasai Nganeni was extra special on the whole trip from all the stories he told us and the bar man who made us refreshing cocktails on sundowners.

I will definitely come back and stay with Asanja Africa in the Serengeti and am looking forward to the opening of their new property in Zanziba

This place is spectacular there is no other way to describe it. It is a new camp - only started in 2010 (which is why there are no signs to get to it) and it is fantastic.

At the moment there are only 5 tents - each one decorated differently according to a different maasi cermony - mine was the marriage ceremony so it had lots of red.

The room is luxurious with flushing toilets, soft carpeted floor, hot shower and large very comfy bed - this is not camping as you know it. Plus the food is fantasic and the staff extremely friendly.

But it is the little things that make this place stand out from the rest. The turn down service at night which leaves you little welcome notes, cakes in case you get hungry at night (as if they haven’t fed you enough already!) and a hot water bottle to warm up the bed for you.

The maasi bulters assigned to your tent telling you stories sitting around the fire every night.

The staff coming to welcome you with a drink and wet towel every time you arrive in camp and again all coming to wave you goodbye when you leave.

And there is also a complimentary laundry service - don't know what they wash with but the clothes come back smelling lovely.

I read somewhere that someone said this place was a bit far - but it really depends on what you want to be close to as everywhere is a bit far in the Serengeti! It is 12km from the "main" Sopa lodge road so it is in a lovely remote location.

Yes the drive to the camp can be a bit muddy if it has rained but whats the point of being in a 4x4 if you don’t ever use the 4x4 part of it?

Also I treated this 12km ride as a game drive in itself (I often saw more on the way back to camp than on some of the game drives!) -

every morning and evening I would see a family of giraffes, elephants, impalas and warthogs plus an old bull elephant pushing down an acacia tree in front of us, lots of zebras, wildebeests and baboons and some hippos (the migration goes right through the camp in Feb and May).

There is also a resident pride of lions and hyenas in the area - I didn’t see them but certainly heard them each night.

The camp is also planning on working on the road in the next year as the park service (whose job it should be!) have said they are not going to do it - as $100 of your fees each night goes to the park service this is not on in my opinion.

What to me was the most telling part though was it was my drivers first time at this camp and before we arrived he was repeatedly saying that it was madness to be staying in this area when the rains have come.

After one night he switched his tune to how it was the best camp he had stayed in - the staff were genuinely friendly and the food was the best he had eaten in any of the camps.

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