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Though he is born in a rich family compared to other Kenyans, Qqu has shown that his was not to live a happy life without music.

He can dance and the whole area screams.

Although influenced by a myriad of musical styles, Qqu favours the dancefloor, so HipHop, Salsa and Lingala are his greatest love.

His musical tastes are for Conscious HipHop, Uptempo Lingala and Smooth Zouk.

Moses Qqu Odhiambo, born on 28 October 1980 Nairobi, Kenya, known commonly as Qqu is a Kenyan singer, songwriter, choreographer, performer, instrumentalist and digital artist.


Early life

Qqu was born to well respected Provincial Agricultural Officer and his mother who was an administrative clerk at Kenya Pipeline.

Due to his father’s duties, Qqu grew up with his mother.

His four older siblings were significantly older and thus were rarely around.

Qqu pretty much led a secluded life.

His brother first introduced him to music by playing beats at the dinner table, it was here that Qqu delved into the world of music.

Being a first learner, Qqu would wake up hours earlier than usual just to sit at the breakfast table and wait for his brother to come to the breakfast table and learn the next rhythm.

Musical beginning

Qqu grew up listening to practically every form of music that he laid his hands on, most notable collections he keeps to this day are Roger Whitaker, Diana Ross, Boney M, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Sounds of Blackness, Rebecca Malope.

While in Primary School, Qqu was notorious for banging his desk in between lessons to make music, this gave way to him becoming the youngest instrumentalist to join the Church choir at age 8.

It was here that he felt most at home, growing in his faith and playing with great musicians such as Pete Odera, Sally Oyugi, Mary Warambo, Hellen Mtawali (Who he would later on join with as teachers at first and second edition of Tusker Project Fame alongside his fellow choreographer Ian Wainaina) Having finished High School,

Qqu was part of the initial group that formed one of Kenya’s most successful dance companies (Ollovar), and it was here that the seeds for music were sown.

Along side Ian Wainaina they formed the group NIX and they went on to record one of their most successful albums, Xaxawa.

Music career

Although influenced by a myriad of musical styles, Qqu favours the dancefloor, so HipHop, Salsa and Lingala are his greatest love.

His musical tastes are for Conscious HipHop, Uptempo Lingala and Smooth Zouk.

He is currently finishing off tracks for his Debut album, Alive.

Qqu is working with artists like annieSoul, Juliani, Freestyle Essien from Nigeria, The Villagers and others.

The album is set to be released in November/December 2011 and will be his first to have a worldwide release. Qqu performs in English, Swahili, Luo.

2005–2006 Xaxawa

Qqu while in NIX released this album and had great hits such as Beba (feat Ventura Rodriguez).

Nakudanganya and one of East Africa’s all time love ballads Sura ya Malaika.

2007 Utado

One of 2007's best club singles, also still with NIX.

This song had a great twist in that both Ian and Qqu sang in their native languages (Kikuyu and Luo) and served as a unifying factor during the period before the 2008 General Elections.

Live performances

Qqu is known for his energy on stage, having been on tour with Wyre for over three years, Dance has become a hallmark for him.

With his signature grin Qqu is adored by many and is a mentor to many dance groups that have since hit the scene.

Qqu has shared the stage with many artistes like P-Square, Wutah, Oliver Mtukudzi, Bebe Cool, Chameleon, Kanjii, Eric wainaina, Kevin Wyre, 2Face Idibia, TMK Wanaume, Ray C, Morgan Heritage, Jay Sean, Raghav, Mr. Vegas, Kidum, Professor Jay, AY, Nonini, Jua Cali, Amani, Wahu, Nameless, Nyota Ndogo, Redsan, Nikki, Kleptomaniax, Susan Owiyo, Hellen Mtawali, Achieng Abura, Abbas, Ukoo Fulani, Longombas, and many more.

Humanitarian work

A serious advocate for sustainable lifestyles, Qqu is an ecovangelist and is currently setting up basic plastic recycling plants which are cost effective and environment friendly, and are managed by the locals.

He's also the founder of the Alive campaign, which seeks above all things to encourage mentorship in primary and high schools.

He’s also an advocate for NACADA and Club 254 which seek to enlighten high school students on the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

He's also head of the Sunday School Programme at his home church. Faith Reformed Baptist.



Xaxawa (NIX) (2005)

Utado (NIX) (2007)

Sonko (NIX) (2009)

Alive (2011)


"Kua Hivyo" (2005)

"Beba" (2005)

"Kixawa" (2005)

"Nakudanganya" (2006)

"Sura ya Malaika" (2006)

"Utado" (2007)

"Beat ya Mkamba" (2008)

"Sonko" (2008)

"Alive" (2010)

Producer credits

Chris Adwar - Xaxawa (2005)

Clement "Razul" Mutua - Whoa (2005)

Paul "Ulopa Ngoma" Kibukosya - Oku Gatia (2007)

The Big Boss - Alive (2010)



Best Professional Web Designer of the year Cybermatrixx Awards 2005-2007

Best HipHop Dance Group at the Sprite Ball Face Off 2006 (DF1)


Nominated for best HipHop Group at the Kisima Awards 2006

Nominated for best Bomba Male at the Kisima Awards 2007

Nominated for best Group Kenya at the Kisima Awards 2007

Nominated for best East African Artist at the Africa Gospel Music Awards 2011

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