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It's hard not to relax at Watano Beach Houses Diani Mombasa. Good view. Blue sky, turquoise ocean, white sand, and lush green landscaped gardens. A nice large main house, with its own salt water pool and a variety of peripheral structures to hang out in, either with by yourself or with your friends. Cushions in every corner, including an especially large and extra soft bean bag.

Cooked meals prepared by a dedicated army of chefs. Decide what you want to eat. As a rule, the meals will be prepared late, there will be many of them and the food will be brought out slowly to tease and tantalize you, but it will always be really good.

Anyway we stayed in the lovely and charming dolly house, we wanted a little more privacy and it was perfect as we were with everyone but also had some time to ourselves.

A cute balcony with an old bed made up to be a very comfortable lounger, perfect for when you simply needed a bit of shade to read you new book.

Monkeys came visiting and tried to steal your snacks (that can be bought from the shops less than 5 mins up the drive way.....so convenient.) once through the door there is a small room with a large 4 poster bed and plenty of space to put your clothes.

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It is very basic as is the bathroom, but it was clean and perfect for what we wanted, a romantic little house that was simple and comfortable.

Don’t expect luxury, but this is priced as budget and it worked well for us and we couldn't have been happier.

Back to the staff, I can't possibly say enough to do them all justice, I felt by the end of the 2 days that we were part of the watano family and will go back as soon as we can.

If you want a boring all inclusive, faceless, expensive, luxury hotel (where you could be in any hot county) don't go here. if you want amazing service with friendly staff in a wonderful walled tropical garden, on the beach with a lovely salt water pool, enough sunbeds never to have to fight for them and local shops within 5 minutes this is your place so book it now. And we loved the dolly house!

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